Maths is a high profile subject at St Mary’s, where alongside maths teaching and learning (from the 2014 National Curriculum) we also provide extra opportunities for Maths enjoyment! These opportunities including our ‘Number and Multiplication Madness’ challenges twice a year for all children, enrichment curriculum life skills sessions using timetables and money, Chippenham cluster maths events, regular cooking sessions for all children and recognition of mathematical achievements in celebration assemblies.

Click the underlined links below to see the information that you may find useful to assist your child's learning in this subject.

Powerpoint Presentation - this is a copy of the presentation given to parents at the information evening

Non - negotiables - these are the expectations that every child should achieve at each primary age year group

Helping your child with Maths - this booklet explains how your child is taught Maths at St Marys

Bare Necessities Key Stage 1 & Bare Necessities Key Stage 2 - these are examples of some fun games to play with your child to develop their understanding of Maths

Foundation Stage Songs - these are some examples of fun rhymes and songs for younger children

Calculation Policy - this is how we teach the different operations in different ages groups. If you are unsure how to help your child with homework, these are the methods we use.

Fractions Policy - these are the different levels of understanding and abilities, regarding fractions, that we expect children to have at different points in the school

Multiplication Madness:

The children get very excited about the opportunity to join in with multiplication madness and compete against both their friends and themselves to learn their times tables. Our most recent results are below:

St George's- 186 points

St Patrick's- 184 points

St David's- 180 points

St Andrew's- 174 points


Click on the links below to access some useful Maths Websites for KS1 and KS2
we pay for all our Year 2 and KS2 children
to be able to logon to the
Mathletics site to practice their Maths



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