9th November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers for children in Class 8,

Welcome back after the half term. I hope you all had a chance to refresh.

This term will be an exciting one as we build towards Christmas. We hope that you will be able to join us for our Class Mass on 21st November at 9am and our KS2 Carol Service on 18th December at 6pm in the school hall.

Outlined in this letter is a reminder of key information for the year and upcoming events for both parents and the children themselves. It maybe useful to pin the homework timetable in a visible place, to help your child be organised for each day. It is important that we support the children to grow in independence and take more responsibility for their own learning. This Term we will continue our topic of The Romans, exploring more about how they lived and what they did for fun.

In Art we will be investigating Roman art such as mosaics. Over the term we will be looking at the techniques used and create our own pieces inspired by this.

English will continue to link to our topic. Genres will include non-chronological reports and diaries. English lessons will include Guided reading, reading, comprehension, as well as daily GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling). Spelling homework will follow the National Curriculum, and if the children do this ‘a little and often’ over the course of the week, there is more chance of learning and applying the spellings in their overall writing, as well as doing well in each Friday’s test. Spellings should be practised on a daily basis at home.

In Maths, we will be looking at multiplication, division, fractions and angles. We will also continue to develop our problem solving and reasoning skills through everyday scenarios. Please make sure that at home you are regularly practicing your times tables and division facts on a daily basis, as well as making practical use of time and money.        

In RE we will continue ‘Prayers, Saints and Feasts’ moving into Advent and Christmas as the term progresses.

In Science, we are exploring the properties of materials and their uses. We will be carrying out a number of investigations to explore this.

In P.E the children will be playing hockey. Please can you ensure your child has both indoor and outdoor kits and footwear in school daily, as appropriate clothing needs to be worn in these compulsory lessons.

I appreciate this is not easy when there has been an afternoon sports club the previous day. Please also note that our PE days have changed. They are now Wednesday and Friday.

We will go over the homework together as a class for the children to have quick feedback, and have the opportunity to discuss any problems. Therefore, it is important that homework is returned on the due day to allow children to get the most out their homework. The homework is designed to be ‘a little and often’ with a quick turn-around and not a long laborious task. Parents play an important role in supporting their child’s learning, and being aware of what is being taught. Please sign and date each homework, indicating if any support was needed at home. This is helpful for me to know. Also, please encourage your child to get into the habit of preparing his/her school bag the night before, to ensure letters, slips, and homework return to school on time. This will pay dividends when your child is in Secondary school. It will come around quicker than you think!

Literacy homework GPS, reading comprehension or topic. (If GPS, the expectation is four pages a week)

Maths – various Maths topics on a worksheet.

Spellings – Look, say, cover, write check (or any other preferred method) Also to write a few sentences using the spellings in context, in complete sentences. These words will come from the Year 4 and 5 curriculum.


Homework timetable.


Going home

Handed in


Literacy/ Topic







Friday for test


Finally a reminder to please ensure that every item of PE kit is clearly named, with daps or trainers that fit comfortably. Hopefully, it will be a long time before any kit goes missing, but when/ if this happens, the lost property boxes in the entrance area will be the place to look. Similarly school uniform, lunchboxes and water bottles can be quickly returned if they are named.

Thank you for all attending parent’s evening it was great to share your thoughts, enthusiasm in supporting your children’s learning and meet you all. If you have any further question please get in touch and we can discuss in more detail.

If you have any questions, concerns about your child’s learning or anything else, my door is always open to arrange a convenient time to talk. Also if any of you would be willing to give your time to hear readers, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Dodgson.