Reception Classes

Staff: Miss Szerenczes, Mrs Warbuton and Mrs Essex (teachers)

Mrs Lynne Waldron (Class 1) & Mrs Bernie Tarrant (Class 2) EYFS Teaching Assistants

We have been so busy in Reception! We have just celebrated the end of our topic ‘Mischief Makers’ with a pirate dress-up day. We sang sea shanties, created sea monsters and packed suitcases for a pirate voyage. Have a look at the photos to see our fantastic outfits.

In term 2, our topic will be ‘Footprints in the Snow’ but who will the footprints belong to? We will be reading a series of super texts including ‘The Gruffalo’, ‘Percy the Park Keeper’, ‘The Jolly Christmas Postman’ and ‘The Snowman’. In addition, we will be getting ready for our sparkling nativity play.

Don’t forget to send in some WOW sheets for any achievements that are made at home. We can’t wait to hear all about your home learning! The WOW sheets are now available on the website so that you can email them to us.

Make sure that you read our upcoming newsletter to find out the dates for ‘Learning Journey Browse’ meetings. We will also be publishing a list of ‘wanted items’ for the role play area.

Please take a few moments to read the following key information:


Term 2 Newsletter

Home Learning

Each child will receive a book bag including a plastic zip folder. This is where we shall put your child’s sounds and key words. Please spend approximately 5 minutes per day looking at these with your child. We may introduce more home learning tasks as the year progresses. When you read with your child, please comment, sign and date their reading record. This is how we know how much practice the children are receiving. It is essential that your child’s book bag is in school every day along with the zip folder, reading book and reading record.

PE Kit

PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays for Class 1 and Mondays and Fridays for Class 2. However, we ask that PE kits are kept in school all week as a spare set of clothes tends to come in handy! Please bring it in every Monday (to be hung on their peg) and we will send it home every Friday for a wash. It is essential that all items of kit are labelled.


Please be aware that our school is a ‘Device Free Zone’. If you take out your mobile phone, you will be asked to put it away. ‘First Day’ photos etc. will be taken by staff on school equipment and filed in the children’s Learning Journey which will be shared with you and eventually given to you.

Show and Tell

We know how much children bringing in special things from home to share with their class. We have allocated a specific time for the children to do this on a Friday afternoon. Each week, it will be the turn of a different group of children to share their special item in detail. The groups will be displayed for you to know when it is your child’s turn. On all other days, please ensure that your child does not bring in items from home. This will begin on Friday 14th September 2018.


If you are a parent who currently holds a St Mary’s CRB safeguarding document and you have some time on your hands, we would love to hear from you.

Lastly, we are collecting pirate themed toys and memorabilia, small water bottles with lids and cardboard toilet roll holders if you are able to help.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning or anything else, please make contact with one of us immediately. The start of school is a huge step and we are on hand to support in any way we can.

Thank you for your support and we are really excited to build a partnership with you as your child embarks on their journey through education.

Kind regards,

Mrs Natalie Warburton (Monday – Wednesday in Class 2) EYFS Leader SENDCO (Thursday – Friday)

Mrs Katie Essex (Thursday – Friday in Class 2) EYFS Class Teacher Science Leader

Miss Sophie Szerencses (Class 1) EYFS Class Teacher PSHE Leader

Mrs Lynne Waldron (Class 1) & Mrs Bernie Tarrant (Class 2) EYFS Teaching Assistants

Class 1

Class 2


Please find below our minimum expectations for the children who join us for their Foundation Stage:

 Year R Maths
  • Count reliably to 20.
  • Order numbers 1 – 20.
  • Say 1 more/1 less to 20.
  • Add & subtract two single digit numbers.

 Year R Writing

  • I can write simple sentences which I can read and others can read.
  • I can write my name (correct upper and lower case).
  • I can use capital letters and full stops in my sentences.
  • I can write clear sentences.
  • I can hold my pencil correctly.
  • I can form letters correctly in words I know.
 Year R Reading
  • I know all my letters and sounds up to phase 4.
  • I can read some tricky words.
  • I identify rhymes and alliteration.
  • I join in with rhyming patterns.
  • I can read & understand simple sentences.
  • I can show understanding when talking with others about what they have read.
  • I can make basic predictions.
  • I can recognise the start and end of a sentence.
 Year R Oracy
  • I can talk about how a story starts.
  • I can talk differently to a friend and to the class.
  • I can use complete sentences to explain or describe things.
  • I can stand up in front of others and tell them about something that has happened to me.
  • I can co-operate and contribute when playing with others.
  • I can listen carefully to what is being said and repeat it.
  • I can know not to interrupt when someone else is saying something.