Year 6

Friday, 9th November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers of Class 10 children,

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome your children back to school this week. It’s been really nice to return to our normal routine and the children are already working very hard.

This term, we are once again very lucky to have Mrs Hughes working with us every day. Mrs Thomason will continue to teach the children on Wednesday afternoons, and will also come in to support us throughout the week. Mrs Bird will also remain with us, and together, we can enjoy a productive term. We welcome Mrs Keane to the Class 10 team, as she joins us on Friday afternoons. Together Everybody Achieves More.

The class library is being used daily and the children are thoroughly enjoying their reading time. The cushions that have been donated are most appreciated and have definitely found a loving home! Thank you so much for supporting your child with reading. It’s wonderful to see that different genres are being explored and enjoyed. Our “Read Around the World” Challenge is going well; we have now found a system that works for us and a set of fair rules have been implemented. It’s really important that the children remember to bring in their Reading Record books on a Friday, so the final count can be completed and winners of the week can be announced. Please remember that each week, at least 3-5 recorded entries are expected.

Well done to all those who managed to complete the half term homework tasks. Some families wanted extra homework and others wanted to enjoy a break from all things academic. I hope that by making it optional, I was able to satisfy the needs of all. The amount of work to complete in Year 6 can be quite overwhelming, but with regularly completed homework, I am sure that we will continue to see a growth in confidence both at home and school. Every piece of homework is being signed in and the children are well used to this routine now. It’s good discipline in preparation for secondary school . The rules around homework remain the same: if homework is not returned, the feedback sessions in class will not be as useful for your children, and they will then have to complete the homework at break or during their lunch time. The homework will be set to directly support your child’s classroom learning and so it will be hugely beneficial.

There is a slight change to the homework timetable, as follows:












Thursday of the following week


The spelling homework is changing. Spelling will now be addressed on a daily basis,in class. Common exception words, alongside sentence structure work (which relates to our weekly grammar and punctuation) will be sent home on a Friday. Topic homework will no longer be set.

We go through homework in class, so if there is something that both child and parent are unsure of, please rest assured that we will go through it together. I always tell the children not to worry if something is difficult: once we go through it together, it will stand out in their memories when they meet such a question again. It is not a problem if your child has to leave answers out. Rather than avoid areas that we have not yet covered, I do like to give out ‘mixed’ question homework. This is a good opportunity for the children to do their own research, so that when we visit the topic, they will have already done their own pre-learning. I am trying to encourage the children to be more independent.

Please find attached, the expectations for times tables. This term, I will spend more time teaching tables than testing them. For those children who are secure in their tables, there will be extra challenges that will deepen their understanding of multiplication and division. Regarding times tables, home support is crucial. Not knowing times tables by Year 6 will hinder the individual when we are covering division, fractions and problem solving. My hopes are that when your child leaves St Mary’s, they will feel confident and ready for secondary school, so I will be doing all I can to help them, but school and parental partnership is vital.

Our topic this term remains ‘Mischief Makers’. We are thoroughly enjoying our class text, ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ by Maz Evans. This book has been well received and many children are already looking forward to reading the sequels, independently.

In English, we will be writing poetry, newspaper reports and persuasive texts. In addition to securing basic and advanced punctuation, there will be a continued focus on securing sentence structure and verb tenses this term. Handwriting and presentation is always a focus and continues to improve on a weekly basis.

The focus in maths this term will be multiplication, divison, fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.

In RE, we are nearing the end of our unit on Prayers, Saints and Feasts, after which we will study ‘Advent.’

Evolution and Inheritance remains our science topic until Christmas.

Our PE lessons will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for which full PE kit is essential. We cannot allow the children to do PE in school shoes and we cannot take them outside in cold weather if they don’t have their outdoor PE kit (tracksuits). The weather is turning, so suitable clothing will be appreciated by the children. Occasionally, we may do PE on a day that is different to our regular day, so it is advisable to have kits in school from Monday to Friday.

Thank you for ensuring your children arrive promptly in the mornings. Punctuality has been very good so far and our new electronic register also ensures a smooth start to our day. The children are now accustomed to signing out at the end of the school day and know that if parents are delayed, they will remain safe and cared for in the after school club. Please remember that there will be a charge attached to this childcare.

Thank you for your continued support. It was wonderful to speak with you all at the recent parent consultation evenings.

Kind regards,


Mrs Theresa McDonagh

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