At St Mary's we are very proud of our talented children and regularly celebrate their successes. On Fridays in ‘Celebration Assembly’ we rejoice the achievements our students school and extra circular awards. On this page you will find the names of all the children who we have celebrated.

For additional details of the children being celebrated in each class, please see the Success Boards in each classroom.

Mrs Smith was proud to present certificates to:

Term 5 EYs Years 1 & 2 Years 3 Years 4 & 5  Year 6

6th - 10th May 2019 

Wrens: Laura S For settling in well and for joining in readily in activities. Well done

Robins: Evie S For her fantastic effort during our circus pairs game
Rafael T For excellent ‘Reading for Accuracy’
Ella B For sharing ideas and her growing confidence in independent writing

Kingfishers: Sophia F For being an enthusiastic learner all the time!

Kestrels: Ruby O For being a great friend
Noah McC For being an enthusiastic member of the song leaders
Indi P For her great effort and improvement in all subject areas. Well done!

Falcons: Sophie S Super work and effort in maths

29th April - 3rd May 2019

Wrens: Albert B For settling in so well, listening to instructions and showing

Robins: Mollie McQ For excellent self-correction in phonics
Tiyani M For super writing and spelling
Arianna G For a super attitude towards all her learning

Kingfishers: Eden H For working hard in maths and making progress

Kestrels: Hannah M For fantastic explanations in maths using diagrams and models
Andrew N For being a great team player in Swanage by helping others
Emma H For great maths answers

Falcons: Anna A For using powerful language in English

22nd - 26th April 2019

Wrens: Gracie L For settling in to Nursery well and for joining in with our songs

Robins: Jamie D For fantastic effort with his letter formation
Louis McL For fantastic progress in phonics
Amelia D For her positive attitude towards everything she does

Kingfishers: Daniel H For being an enthusiastic learner with consistently good effort

Ospreys: Thomas B For his enthusiasm in his learning
Jasmin R For her positive attitude and sunny disposition

Falcons: Anna A For using powerful language in English

Term 4

18th - 22nd March 2019

Wrens: Callum R For super participation in class discussions, sharing good ideas. Well done

Robins: Aden G For beautiful and independent pre-cursive handwriting

Owls: Ameilia P For being an absolute superstar all of the time

Woodpeckers: Lara G For fantastic effort in all her learning!

Kingfishers: Genessa F For putting her hand up and sharing more in lessons

Kestrels: Ramano P For fantastic tricky work knowledge and great explanations of tricky

Ospreys: Gaby C For always trying her best and having a positive attitude to learning

Eagles: Finty G For answering spellings

Falcons: Alesha H For excellent results in her maths reasoning papers

11th - 15th March 2019

Wrens: Henry C For great participation in naming and looking at planets. Well done!

Robins: Polly S For beautifully singing ‘This is me’ using a microphone to the class
Evie G-S For fantastic writing this week
Santino C For super effort in neat presentation

Kingfishers: Noah T For showing fantastic manners

Kestrels: Freya K For taking great pride in her learning. Fantastic, Freya!
Olly H Great determination in his writing
Selassi A For great persuasive writing this week

Falcons: Rocco R For fantastic handwriting

4th - 8th March 2019

Wrens: Eddie P For settling in well and sharing his love of numbers. Well done!

Robins: Ann G For her smiley, positive approach to everything – well done!
Elizabeth H For fantastic explanations in ‘Power Maths’ Well done!
Chloe B For being a good role model to others and sharing enthusiasm for her learning.

Kingfishers: Adrianna M For beautiful presentation in every lesson

Kestrels: Ava M For fantastic explaining in Maths
Maya L For some great persuasive writing
Megan D For fantastic maths explanations to the class

Falcons: Fred H For fantastic diary writing

Term 3

25th Feb - 1st Mar 2019

Wrens: Amelia M For involving others in her play by sharing imaginative ideas

 Robins: Annie F For fantastic progress in reading
Austin V For excellent explanation in Maths
Felix R For making good choices to help his learning and being a role model to others

Kingfishers: Edward WT For producing some fantastic descriptive writing

Kestrels: Finley R For independent writing and having a very positive attitude to his learning

Ospreys: Emily T For developing her explanations and reasoning in maths

Eagles: Isla B For always trying her best and having wonderful behaviour

Falcons: Millie D For constant pride and excellence in her work and learning attitude

11th - 15th Feb 2019 

Wrens: Freddie O For settling in so well, making friends and for trying new things.

Robins: Nicolas V For trying hard in phonics. Well done!    

Owls: Marina K-T For super progress in all areas of her work. Well done!

Woodpeckers: Violet E For being a super role model to others.

Kingfishers: Eden H For perseverance all week.

Kestrels: Romeo C Fantastic questioning in class and responding to questions with great examples.

Ospreys: Thomas B For a fantastic us of humour in his class assembly performance.

Eagles: Enzo C For being positive and resilient.

Falcons: Hannah W Fantastic independent writing.

4th - 8th

Wrens: Kitty G-S For always trying her best and for drawing an amazing Astronaut picture. Well done!
Robins: Rory H For all-round excellence in his learning – Well Done!

Owls: Daisy D For fantastic thinking in Power Maths! 
Woodpeckers: Lucas R For good ideas in his diary writing

Kingfishers: Edward W-T For fantastic maths thinking this week


Kestrels: Arthur H For beautiful handwriting
Ospreys: Andrew N For great improvements in his presentation
Eagles: Indes P For trying hard and being motivated in everything

Falcons: Annie C For much improved writing. Well done

In ‘Celebration Assembly’ children who have received awards and certificates from school clubs and extra circular activities are shared and celebrated with the school community. Congratulations goes to everyone who is mentioned in Celebration Assembly.