At St Mary's we are very proud of our talented children and regularly celebrate their successes. On Fridays in ‘Celebration Assembly’ we rejoice the achievements our students school and extra circular awards. On this page you will find the names of all the children who we have celebrated.

For additional details of the children being celebrated in each class, please see the Success Boards in each classroom.

Mrs Smith was proud to present certificates to:

Headteacher's Award EYs Years 1 & 2 Years 3 Years 4 & 5  Year 6
10th - 14th Dec '18 Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 for their wonderful Nativity: ‘Born in a Barn’

Nursery: Cillian M for great use of our class story to retell events and ask questions to a friend
Class 1: Rory H for always being a good role-model to other in the class
Class 2: Janet V for being so helpful around the classroom

Class 3: Mikaela M for fantastic listening skills in class
Class 4: Andrei C for fantastic effort in the Nativity, particularly in singing
Class 5: Lucas C for super ‘invent’ story writing

Class 6: Oscar C for good effort and contribution in lessons

Class 7: Freya K for being a great learning partner
Class 8: Carolina R for great resilience and reasoning in maths
Class 9: Emma H for great contributions in sharing her ideas in class
Class 10: Poppy D for embracing with passion the challenges of maths
3rd - 7th Dec '18 Abigail G, Enzo C and Emma H for super balanced arguments in your writing.

Nursery: Zola M For showing independence and good listening skills. Well done!
Class 1: Adeena C For always showing respect to others
Class 2: Jamie D For fantastic blending in phonics

Class 3: Oscar B For super progress in all areas of his learning
Class 4: Ella B For fantastic effort in the class assembly and in all areas of her work
Class 5: Zoe JB For sharing her super musical talent with us

Class 6: Adrianna M For always being ready to learn

Class 7: Alice W-C For being a fantastic learning partner
Class 8: Thomas B For fantastic debating and reasoning skills in guided reading
Class 9: Grace McL For a fantastic learning attitude and contribution in class
Class 10: Cosmo C For being a truly kind, caring and thoughtful member of Class 10
26th - 30th Nov '18 Ben R – For mature learning

Nursery: Bobby P For being a kind and helpful member of the class. Well done!
Class 1: Sofia C For always being enthusiastic about her learning
Class 2: Lila M For super progress in her reading

Class 3: Harriet B For always being ready to learn and a fabulous role model in class 3
Class 4: Gracie H For setting a fabulous example and always putting in 100%
Class 5: Eleanora C For super reasoning and problem solving in Maths

Class 6: Ava G For contributing well in lessons this week

Class 7: Romeo C For working hard on his presentation
Class 8: Andrew N For amazing progress in reading
Class 9: Samuel C For his enthusiasm and participation in his learning
Class 10: Rebecca B For excellent progression in her reading
19th - 23rd Nov '18 Theo E and Mia McK for kindness and caring for other people

Nursery: Gino DCM for showing such enthusiasm in his sharing ideas during story and circle time.
Class 1:
Benjamin L for always being a friendly and polite member of the class
Class 2:
Adam W-C for his fantastic attitude to learning!
Evie S for her fantastic effort in maths!

Class 3: Oscar B for super maths learning this week
Class 4:
Alexander G for his beautiful handwriting and fantastic storytelling
Class 5:
Zoe J-B for all her enthusiasm and hard work in all her learning

Class 6: Marcus C for fantastic effort and focus in all subject despite being ill for a week! 

Class 7: Leon G for excellent effort in writing
Class 8:
Olivia B for increased confidence in her times tables
Class 9:
Daniella E for enthusiastic learning
Class 10: Albert B for fantastic focus and impressive calculation work in maths
12th - 16th Nov '18 Isabella, Cosmo, Harriet, Aaron and Jack, for showing the new Governors around our school, with great maturity and assurance.

Nursery: John F for saying our “end of day prayer” so clearly and with expression. Well done John!
Class 1: Caelan C for holding his balance brilliantly in PE this week.
Class 2: Matthew W-C for his fantastic attitude to learning!

Class 3: Everyone in Class 3 for their amazing assembly this morning all about kindness!
Class 4: Felix R for producing fantastic writing and setting an excellent example.
Class 5: Oisin M for super instruction writing.

Class 6: Tiamo DCM for putting more effort into her learning this term. 

Class 7: Niamh O for putting her hand up lots in lessons and sharing ideas.
Class 8: Carolina R for great resilience in maths, independently comparing fractions.
Class 9: Mariana B for her positive attitude in all of her learning.
Class 10: Cordelia T for effective and beautiful language used in her poetry.
5th - 9th Nov '18 Hannah M: For excellent presentation in the Remembrance Assembly this

Nursery: Anna S For great participation in our story and song time sessions. Well done!
Class 2: Archie P For making super progress in Maths!

Class 3: Michelle N For super effort with her reading and also amazing confidence when reading
for Remembrance Assembly this morning!
Class 4: Cormac T For fanastic effort in his writing and being confident when reading in the
Remembrance Assembly.
Class 5: Sasquia S For much improved listening and following instructions

Class 6: Charlie B For starting the term with a hard-working attitude

Class 7: Helder D For his enthusiasm for learning
Class 8: Theo W For challenging himself regularly in Maths, keep it up!
Class 9: Eva A For trying consistently hard with her learning and her great sense of humour
Class 10: Jack H For amazing all round improvement in everything he does at school
8th - 12th Oct '18 Jasper C, Class 1

Nursery: Tabitha C for being kind and helpful and for super number recognition
Class 1: Jaden M for becoming more independent and confident when leaving mum and dad
Class 2: Mollie M for super maths doodles!

Class 3: William B for fantastic estimating in our maths learning this week
Class 4: Eli M for amazing artwork and always contributing great ideas
Class 5: All the children in Class 5 for an amazing class assembly with smiles, clear voices and team work!

Class 6: Grace D for enthusiasm in all subjects

Class 7: Danielle for consistently setting a great example
Class 8: Sam L for a positive attitude to learning and always trying to challenge himself
Class 9: Oli P for fantastic science thinking and learning
Class 10: Aaron V for an absolutely fantastic learning attitude
1st - 5th Oct '18

Nursery: Sochinwenmeri E for lovely use of number names and counting in her play
Class 1: Paige L for being a caring and kind friend
Class 2: Chaiylah F for listening to instructions

Class 3: Matthew H for being an amazing role model in Class 3
Class 4: Oscar H for fantastic effort in all areas of learning
Class 5: Meg C for super Science thinking!

Class 6: Keiyano P for consistently good focus

Class 7: Scarlett C for resilience and commitment to her learning
Class 8: George D for great determination and effort to improve his handwriting
Class 9: Keeley F for being enthusiastic in her learning and having a smile on her face!

Class 10: Emmi B for a positive and more focused learning attitude
24th-28th Sept '18  Emily Fie...

Nursery: Anotnio C for developing the confidence to speak to others during his play
Class 1: Jasper C for showing good listening skills in phonics this week
Class 2: Florence D for finding and recording ways to make 5 in maths

Class 3: Bronwyn H for her bright smile and enthusiasm for learning
Class 4: Darcey R for showing excellent effort and concentration in her writing
Class 5: Madeline L for her positive learning attitude

Class 6: Jacob Y for his have a go attitude

Class 7: Jessica H for great attitude to learning in maths
Class 8: Noah M for fantastic knowledge and explanations in RE
Class 9: Isla B for a great attitude to her learning and for writing a computer code
Class 10: Samuel M for finally demonstrating his full capabilities in maths
17th - 21st Sept '18 THE NURSERY Nursery: Maksymilian D for showing growing confidence and willingness to have a go at new
Class 1: Ava B for being a good team player in PE and encouraging her peers to succeed.
Class 2: Matthew W-C for being an excellent mathematician! Matthew used the class number
line to solve a maths problem
Class 3: Frank E for being such a good listener in class
Class 4: Areesha F for always setting a brilliant example with her excellent behaviour
Class 5: Grace G for her enthusiasm and effort in all lessons
Class 6: Sophia F for her enthusiasm and effort in all lessons Class 7: Conor T for great listening
Class 8: Oliver H for working hard and having a positive and responsible attitude to learning
Class 9: Nathan C for politeness, good manners and enthusiastic learning
10th - 14th Sept '18 Cullin P Nursery: Noah P - for settling in so well and coming in each day with a smile!
Class 1: Betsy G – for being a kind friend every day
Class 2: Annie F – for making such a super start to school
Class 3: Verity J – for being super kind and a lovely friend 
Class 4: Zofia D – for fantastic listening and concentration!
Class 5: Joshua B – for always trying his best and being a super role model Class
Class 6: Sophie D – for being a role model, trying her best and supporting others Class 7: Theo E – for impressive attitude to learning and for his lovely joined handwriting 
Class 8: Charlie G – for a positive and confident start to Year 5!
Class 9: Cullin P – for having an enthusiastic attitude to his learning and being a great role model 
Class 10: Emily F – for being a super role model in every possible way 


In ‘Celebration Assembly’ children who have received awards and certificates from school clubs and extra circular activities are shared and celebrated with the school community. Congratulations goes to everyone who is mentioned in Celebration Assembly.