At St Mary's we are very proud of our talented children and regularly celebrate their successes. On Fridays in ‘Celebration Assembly’ we rejoice the achievements our students school and extra circular awards. On this page you will find the names of all the children who we have celebrated.

For additional details of the children being celebrated in each class, please see the Success Boards in each classroom.

Mrs Smith was proud to present certificates to:


Headteacher's Award EYs Years 1 & 2 Years 3 & 4 Years 5 & 6 
16th - 20th July '18 Head Teacher’s award: Lucas C for remembering the 7 sacraments
and he’s still only Year 1
Nursery: Joe S for showing such enthusiasm when learning about
sounds1S: Rafael T for being kind and helpful on our school trip.
1F: Laura N for being a ray of sunshine in our in our class every day.
2WC: Niamh H for making huge improvements to her handwriting
2J: Ruby T for trying hard this year to and being kind and
thoughtful member of class.
2G: Amelie W Making real progress in her writing.
3D: Jamie H for being a fantastic friend and learning partner.
3EG: Jessica H for her fantastic work in maths learning about time.
4BM: Sam M for a great contribution to RE.
4B: Jasmine R nominated by her peers for good concentration and
4D: Alesha H for a fantastic attitude to learning.
9th-13th July '18 Amelia K for ability and enthusiasm for
Nursery: Archie P for Having a go in PE and sharing his tennis skills.
1S: Tiyani M for remembering and saying her lines in our assembly
1F: Frankie E for always being kind and trying his best.
2WC: Areesha F for excellent behaviour and questions on our trip.
2J: Rachel D for showing great resilience in all her learning.
2G: Amelia D for good reading and recognition of words in guided
3S: Lily B for fantastic progress in writing this year.
3D: Daniella E for improved attitude and focus
3EG: Anna D for an excellent attitude to learning
3S: Lily B for fantastic progress in writing this year.
3D: Daniella E for improved attitude and focus
3EG: Anna D for an excellent attitude to learning.
All of Year 6: for producing an amazing set of performances of Peter Pan.
2nd - 6th July '18 Alex J for some wonderful writing about Japan. Nursery: Zola M for knowing what to do when she’s tired and needs a nap!
1S: Tyrese S for giving 100% in singing our songs for our assembly.
1F: Megan T for her fantastic effort and determination!
2J: Grace D for always trying her best and being kind. 
2G: Senam A amazing participation in all the events on Sports day!
2WC: Meg C for being first back to the carpet and ready to learn. 
3D: Harmony H for fantastic effort and determination at Sports. Day. 
3EG: Max L for singing beautifully in our class mass and being able to read the words 
3S: Scarlet C for impressive resilience and effort on Sports Day! 
4BM: Imogen W for constant focus and attention. 
4B: Rebecca B for excellent progress in recent assessments 
4D: Cosmo C for excellent enthusiasm and effort in all subjects.
25th - 29 June '18

Olivia W for some amazing writing.

Nursery: Jamie D for being back in school with such positivity after being off.
1S: Ivy-Rose M for being kind and caring to others.
1F: Tristan E for wonderful creativity and positive behaviour choices

2WC: Ella B for super work on multiplication! 
2J: Willow S for great effort and enthusiasm in P.E. 
2G: Filippo C for fantastic artwork linked to our topics.

3S: Lily B for being a super role model in 3S. 
3D: Grace Mc for amazing progress this year. 
3EG: Arthur H for working very hard and making progress in areas this year. 

4BM: Millie D for super contributions in history. 
4B: Erin K for a consistent, enthusiastic approach. 
4D: Rocco C for excellent focus and enthusiasm in production rehearsals. 

18th - 22nd June '18

Poppy D for helping other children in Maths.

Nursery: Betsy G for always trying and never giving up when
finding the right words.
1S: Marianne J for being resilient with her writing.
1F: Andrei C for fabulous enthusiasm and engagement in our class
assembly practises.

2WC: Job T for improving his writing with “Purple Polishing”.
2J: Felix R for trying his best in everything with great enthusiasm.
2G: Brooke L for great listening and always giving her best.

3S: Ben Wheat for an amazing ‘World Cup’ poster about Brazil.
3D: Noah Mc for fantastic clear reading in our Class Mass.
3EG: Keeley F for being a member of the winning golf team and
great progress made in GPS.

4BM: Damaris DV for being conscientious in all you do!
4B: Harriet T for consistent high standards of writing.
4D: Joe P for producing some excellent Macbeth writing.

11th-15th June '18

Elizabeth H for amazing writing- and
reading- and still only in YR.

Nursery: Sochinwenmeri E for sharing toys so nicely with her
1S: V
erity J for brilliant subtracting in Maths!
Louis Mc for fantastic effort and determination.
Alyssa T for responding to feedback in writing. 

2J: Joshua B for always “please” and “thank you” and being kind.
Aishi M for a super attitude to her learning especially in
Science and Maths.

3S: Hannah M for playing the violin so beautifully in Class Mass
Kayla-Zara S for a fantastic map identifying the countries taking
part in the World Cup.
Sam W for making excellent progress in Literacy this year.

4BM: Dylan O for absolutely wonderful letter writing to Jesus.
Hayden P for his peers recognising how helpful he always is.
Sophie S for consistently good effort in all subjects.

4th -8th June '18

Chica dCM for great improvements in school

Nursery: Patricia S for such a positive attitude to learning.
Marina K-T for showing kindness to others.
Spencer R for amazing effort and determination.

2WC: Violet E for outstanding behaviour- always.
Eliza C for always being polite and trying her best.
Leo M for excellent listening and participation in science.

3S: Chica dCM for being a super role model to our new children.
Olivia B for great engagement and always trying her best.
Anais D for an expressive poem.

4BM: Jack H for great concentration and a spectacular newspaper
report in English.
Dan H for great effort in writing this week- keep it up!
Katelyn I for being conscientious and proactive.

21st - 25th May '18

Sennan A:  amazing work in
maths and trying so hard

Nursery: Adam W-C - recognising differences
1S: Oscar B – building confidence in his writing
1F: Matthew H – wonderful enthusiasm in writing

2WC Eve T – excellent teamwork in RE and Art
2J: Tilly C – wonderful artwork and trying her best
2G: Daniel H – great comprehension and reading

3S: Heidi G – fantastic effort in Let’s Sing Folk
3D: Ben R – having a positive attitude to learning
3EG: Alex C – interesting vocabulary in story writing
4BM: Albert B – Superb improvement in presentation

4B: Eva F-H – real interest in the Shakespeare story
4D Elsie T – positive attitude and a bright smile too

14th - 18th May '18

Tyrese S (1S):  amazing writing

Nursery: Polly S – beautiful letter formation in writing
1S: Tiyani M – for confidence speaking out in class
1F: Daniel G – for developing his confidence in class

2WC: Edward T – for super dictionary work in class
2J: Oisin M – for trying hard with all his learning
2G: Sophie F – great participation especially in RE

3S: Feliks R – for fabulous knowledge in science
3D: Eva A – excellent innovative adventure story
3EG: Ava M – fabulous descriptive writing

4BM: Lola A – impressive space art work
4B: Ruben W – for keeping calm when under pressure
4D: Fred H – excellent manners

30th April - 4th May '18

Eddie B:
super writing

Nursery: Maximillian D –
for settling in and making new 
1S: Darcy R –
fantastic writing
1F: Alex H –
fantastic choices in his behaviour

2WC: Ava G – Lovely listening and participation
2J: Poppy B – For trying really hard in all areas
2G: Areesha F – some lovely artwork

3S: Gabriella C – excellent sharing of knowledge in RE
3D: Teonnie SB – a positive attitude to learning
3EG: Jasmine U – Fabulous persuasive writing

4BM: Hope M – good organisation and helping others
4B: Lucia B – being kind and helpful to other children
4D: Georgie F – for confidence and enthusiasm in maths

23rd - 27th April '18

Cade L. 4BR: for being so
helpful in preparing for Assemblies – well done!

Nursery: Jasper C – for settling back so well after Easter
1S: Ivy Rose M – Super work
1F: Harriet B – wonderful positive attitude, she gives 100%

2WC Daphne S – excellent work
2J: Sophie M –superb progress in all her learning
2G: Sharv S – excellent work in reading and writing

3S: Alex J –Excellent role modelling in Swanage
3D: Samuel C – Fantastic role modelling in Swanage
3EG: Mariana B – Great support to the Y3’s

4BM: Poppy D – super work in RE
4B: Arabella T – resilience in maths
4D: Joselyn C – great attitude to learning

19 - 23rd Mar '18

Georgie F (4D):
positive attitude, great effort & progress, and an all-round good egg!

 Nursery: Florence D – raising her hand & waiting her turn in phonics
1S: Alexander G – 
great reasoning in maths
1F: Matthew H – 
fantastic effort in his writing and subtraction work

2WC: Rebecca W-C –
volunteering to sing solo in the class assembly!
2J: Madeleine L –
excellent learning and behaviour at all times
2G: Elisa G –
making fantastic progress in her writing


3S: Finley R –
fantastic effort especially in maths
3D: Theo W –
always trying his best & wanting to improve even more
3EG:  Anais D –
being an all-round superstar!


4BM: Cade L –
very helpful attitude around school
4D: Alex W –
an excellent attitude in all areas
4B: Dan H –
excellent progress towards his SAT

In ‘Celebration Assembly’ children who have received awards and certificates from school clubs and extra circular activities are shared and celebrated with the school community. Congratulations goes to:


Aaron V. Completing his Level 1- 4 awards, preliminary safety skills and 5m front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly distances with Swim England
Alexia E. Awarded Pre-Primary in Dace with Royal Academy of Dance
Daisy D. Awarded Pre-Primary in Dace with Royal Academy of Dance
Filippo C. Yellow Belt with Matt Fiddles Martial Arts
Rusfus P., Sophie F., Isabeel R., Abi B.,Jocelyn C., Gio A., Dan B., Joe P., Dan H., and Ollie S. Completing the Winter 2017/18 Wiltshire and Swindon Games
Sophia F. Completing her Puffin and Level 1 Learn to Swim award with Swim England  
Grace M., Amelie C., Cordelia T., Hope M., Harry,  Katelyn, Libby C., Gio A., Abigail B., Victoria B., Joseph P., Cade L., Harriet T, Imogen, Erin K., Damaris D.V.,
Lucia B., and Georgie F.
Completing the Level 2 High 5 Netball Festival with Chippenham Sports Partnership
Hannah M. Completing BBC Radio 2 - 500 words story 2018
Danielle E.  Completing BBC Radio 2 - 500 words story 2018
Katelyn I. Completing her Levels 1 - 5 with Swim England Diving awards 
Harriet S.  Completing her Level 1 Swim England Award for Personal Survival 
Alice W.C.  Making her Brownies Guide Promise
Harriet S. Completing her Young Leader Award with Sports Leaders UK 
Dylan O. Completing his Young Leader Award with Sports Leaders UK