At St Mary's we are very proud of our talented children and regularly celebrate their successes. On this page you will find the names of all the children who we have celebrated the success of in school, as well as those who have acheivements from outside of school.

For additional details of the children being celebrated in each class, please see the Success Boards in each classroom.

Congratulations go to:

For Helping and Caring...

Jamie H

Charlotte B

Adrianna M

Alice W-C

Willow M

Violet E

Andrew B

Gracie G

Ellie H

Olivia R

Harriet S

Isabelle B

Ollie S

Olivia N

Barnaby W

Rhys H

Anna A


Charlie B

Myles W

Georgina F

Daniel H

For Sapphire Power...

Abigail T

Olivia G

Filippo C

Christabel B

Sophie M

Lucas R

Eliza C

Pippa P

Sophia S

Seth R

Olivia B

Margherita C

Erin K

Ben C

Victoria B

Jonah W

Riley D

Chloe B

Helder D-S

Ruby T

Katelyn I

Rocco C

For Punctuality and attendance...

Kayla S

Shar S

Mia M

Eliana D

Isla P

Oisin M

Joshua B

Senam A


Eva A

Charlie G

Cosmo C

Maddie K

Joe H

Daniel M

Jhed J

Alex C

Emmi B

Finty R

Ashley N

Isabel W

Gio A

We are also celebrating the following children:


Both hockey teams, who came 2nd and 5th at the Chippenham tournament, with one team going to the county finals. Also Mikey C and Olivia N being chosen as 'players of the tournament', Millie and Poppy D for their Blue Peter badges, Barnaby W for his football, George and Megan D for their first aid skills, Heidi G for her dance



Harriet T for her reading (200 books!), Elod J-B for his martial arts, Eleanor C and Liliana R for their dance, Elod J-B and Toby B for their swimming, Martha C for her fencing and Katelyn I for her diving



Enzo C for his kickboxing, Mia O, Alice W-C, Arabella T, Rebecca W-C and Jayme B for their swimming, our Science Quiz team: Maddie K, James W, Jhed J and Elizabeth S, and all 4 of our football teams who represented us at the Chippenham tournament



Damaris D-V for her running, Victoria B for her gymnastics, Alanna for her swimming, Cordelia T for her Blue Peter badge, Georgina F for her cake decorating (3rd place!) and everyone who supported our book fair, raising £929!



Izzy N and Ruby T for their running, Poppy B and Mia M for their swimming and Heidi G for her dance



Lucia B and Grace M for their swimming, Harriet T for her dance, Georgina L for her piano, Victoria B for her martial arts, Emma M and Alice W-C for their gymnastics, and all of our Year 5s who have completed their Young Leader training and are now in charge of Huff and Puff sessions!



Oliver P, Joseph P, Sophia D and Rachel D for their martial arts, Vita A for dance, Will D for maths, Amelia K for piano, Beatrice K for gymnastics, Erin K for swimming, Maddie K for brownies and Katelyn I for diving!



Anais D, Eloise C, Megan C, Ashley N for their gymnastics, Eddie B and Ashley N for their martial arts, Ashley N for his rugby



Erin K, Jasmine U, Anais D for their gymnastics, Damaris D-V for her running, Romeo C, Conor T and Jasmine U for their swimming, Emily F, Abigail B, Hope M for their martial arts



Conor T, Amelia K, Cosmo C, Alexandra W, Megan D for their swimming, Amelia K for her gymnastics, Ashley N for his rugby, Emily F for her football, Alesha H for her dance, Abigail B for her running



Enzo C, Olivia R, Euan D for their martial arts, Ben L, Oliver H, Emily F for their rugby, Damaris D-V for her running, Aaron V, Felicks R, Hannah M, James H, Conor T and Catelyn for their swimming, Anna D for her Blue Peter badge, Cordelia T for her charity work, Emmi B for her skydiving, Jocelyn, Emma M for their gymnastics, Ava M for her skiing, and a very special congratulations to Katie D for being invited to train with England schoolgirls!



Laura F and Heidi G for their dance, Samuel M for achieving Chief Scout Bronze, Rhys H for his work at PGL, Grace M and Oliver P for their swimming, Jamie B for the Scorpion Express, Ewan D and Souki for their martial arts and finally Ruby O for achieving terminal velocity whilst indoor skydiving!!



Laura F, Ashley N and Jasmine U for their gymnastics, Ewan D, Hope M and Ashley N for their martial arts, Ashley N, Alice W-C, Amelia K, James H and Keeley F for their swimming, Charlie C for his Blue Peter badge, Rhys H for his charity walk and Maddie H and Pippa (her dog!) for coming third in a junior dog handling competition



Erin K, Sananda P and Danielle A for their swimming, Eliana D, Emma M and Sananda P for their gymnastics, Niamh I for her swimming, Jack C for his fencing, Archie L for his rugby, Fred H and Jack S for their football, Millie D, Damaris, Katelyn I and Niamh I for their running



Samuel M for his Judo, Enzo C for his kickboxing, Samuel C for football for fun, Emily F for her rugby, Ruby H for her running, Jake A for his cycling, Anais D, Emily T, Emma M and Libby T for their swimming, Millie D and Poppy D for the mathletics, Chloe B for her martial arts



Nathasha U and Erin for their gymnastics, Beatrice C and Jacob E for their martial arts, Piers R for his swimming, Grace M for her dance, Carla G for her basketball, Grace M for her skiing, Emily F for her rugby, Fin F for running the touch line for Chippenham RFC, Megan C for her birdwatching, Tom S, Jack S, Katie D and Fin P for representing the school at Sheldon's 'Talent Team' and Niamh I for writing all these names down!!



Ben C for his drums, Keeley F for her dance, Amelie C for her gym, Niamh I and Samuel M for their swimming, Katie M for her acting, Elizabeth S for her performing, Laura F for her gym, and our rugby, football and netball teams for their performances at recent tournaments.



Our Bikeability children, Emily F for her football and rugby and martial arts, Archie L for his rugby, Elizabeth S for her martial arts, Mikey C, Amelie K, Katie D for mathletics, Noah, Conor, George, Bea, Emma, Innes, Ava, Jamie, Emily, Ben for their phase 2 spellings.



Katie M for her acting, Ben H for his Blue Peter Badge, Chiara C-S and Amilie C for their artwork, Niamh I for swimming and diving, Fin P for his football, Jack C for his fencing, Millie and Poppy for their swimming, Year Reception for achieving their phase 1 spellings, the Hockey team for excellent sportsmanship and teamwork, and both football teams for their participation in the 'Going for Goals' tournament- where our 'A' team were the overall winners!