We pride ourselves on our Enriched curriculum and the additional activities that enhance our children's experiences.

Our Key Stage Two children enjoy the Enrichment hour, every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 3.30 pm, where they can try such diverse activities as circus skills, cookery or orienteering. The program of activities changes each term, to allow the children to try as wide a variety of activities as possible. The children thoroughly enjoy this time as it is an opportunity for them to mix with children from other year groups and the leaders of activities have volunteered for them, so are very enthusiastic!



As part of our Enriched curriculum, our older children take part in a Citizenship Programme. This includes visits to the Police, Fire and Ambulance Headquarters in which they learn about the role of the Emergency services, local Magistrates Court and a meeting with the town's Mayor. They have recently had visitor explaining how the go about their jobs and this has been followed up with the children thinking about what work they would like to do and what skills they may need to do it.




 Our Year 6 children visit the Parish Senior Citizen Luncheon Club each Thursday in term time. This weekly event is enjoyed by all, the children are taken in small groups of four to serve lunch to the Club. They provide a valuable contact to the oldest members of our Parish who enjoy the company of our youngsters.