Welcome Early Years

Mrs. Towers (class teacher), Mrs Streatfield, Mrs McQuinn and Mrs Findlay (assistants)

Early Years Page update : May 2018

Welcome to Early Years class page. We hope this page will give you a little insight to what we have planned for this term. If you are interested in your child joining us, please arrange a visit using the contact us page here.

This term in Early Years we are exploring all creatures great and small. We have been planting sunflowers to encourage more creepy crawlies into our garden area. We have also been sowing carrot seeds and have been observing how different their leaves are to the sunflowers. We have been lucky enough to have Living Eggs hatching in our classroom for the third year running. Watching the incubated eggs hatch into chicks has had many of our children (and staff) sitting in awe for great lengths of time. The children were great at caring for the chicks by feeding and cleaning them out daily. Before they left us they were all starting to grow feathers and were pecking everything in sight! One family has kindly rehomed two hens so we can track their growth and development over the next year.

Later this term, we hope to focus our maths learning around various bug hunts across the school grounds. We will continue with our daily phonics activities and start to encourage children to write their own name on the milk list each morning. Those starting school will soon receive more information about this exciting time and the date for our end of year picnic party will be announced soon.