Welcome Early Years

Mrs. Towers (class teacher), Mrs Streatfield, Mrs McQuinn and Mrs Findlay (assistants)

Welcome to Early Years class page. We hope this page will give you a little insight to what we have planned for this term. If you are interested in your child joining us, please arrange a visit using the contact us page here.

This term we have had some very exciting visitors in Early Years! During the first few weeks of term the green evil peas from the Supertato book, invaded our classroom. We had great fun counting them and making sure they didn’t get up to any more mischief. The children loved exploring the superhero theme and have become experts in being superheroes themselves and solving problems with their superpowers.

Last week we discussed heroes closer to home. We had a focus on fire safety and had an exciting visit from our local firefighters. They talked to the children about the work they do, the uniform they wear and showed us their fire engine. The children learnt about what to do in an emergency and the importance of testing our fire alarms at home. During this week, we also listened to the story of ‘Frances the Firefly’ and learnt just how dangerous fire can be.

This week we have also celebrated World Book Day. Patricia’s Mum came to read us some of her favourite children’s books in Portuguese. The children also dressed up as their favourite character, joined in with the school parade and shared their favourite stories and books with each other in class. The children in Early Years also took part in the great book quiz, finding Wally (from where’s Wally) with some letters around school. The letters we found spelt out Julia Donaldson’s name and it inspired us to explore all of the books she had written. The children were fascinated that one person had written so many books and we had a class vote on our favourite, The Highway Rat!

The rest of this term will continue with the heroes closer to home theme. We will be exploring those people in our families that are heroes to us and explore the importance of Jesus’s friends and family as we approach Holy Week and Easter.