Welcome to 2J

Teacher: Mrs Johnson                       TA: Mrs Smith                          2J is a Year 1 and 2 class.


We have enjoyed learning about a variety of things in Summer 1 term. We have learned about Pentecost through drama, art and writing. In the art work, can you see the symbols of the dove, wind and tongues of fire? The children used a mixture of mediums to create their pictures. In Science, we looked at different mini beasts that live in our school environment: under stones, in the hedges, in the grass or in the air. We looked at them carefully under a magnifier, then created colourful collage pictures of them. Outside, we searched for signs of summer and found rose-hips flowers, dandelions and buttercups to name just a few. We grew sunflower seeds in different conditions, and discovered that the one in the dark cupboard grew the quickest, but was very pale and yellow. It grew 3.5 cm in one day!