Welcome to 2G!

Teachers: Mrs Gouzien           T.A.: Mrs Waldron           2G is a Year 1 and 2 class


Summer Term in 2G

Due to the very cold and changeable weather last term, we decided to continue our learning on ‘Creepy Crawlies’. The warm weather has helped us not only to learn about mini-beasts but to see them up close too. We have loved studying ladybirds and bees and one of us brought in a real bee in a mini-beast viewer. We have compared life-cycles finding similarities and differences depending on the animal and learnt about what they eat. We had fun reading about various creature’s diets and then classified them into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Did you know that a ladybird larva can eat up to 50 aphids in one day! Bees tell other bees where a tasty flower is by doing a waggle dance!

Our learning has now moved onto plants and their needs now that the growing season is well under way. We have planted up some sunflowers and look forward to watching them grow hopefully to be as tall if not taller than us!

Last term we were great in both our Class Mass led by Father Millett and in our Class Assembly performed in front of the whole school and our parents. The theme for the assembly was ‘Forgiveness’. We re- told the story of ‘Zacchaeus’ and ‘The Unforgiving Servant’. There was some very convincing acting and we created some lovely artwork. At the end, we finished by performing a dance about God’s love and grace towards us. We brought a tear to more than one in the audience.

Mrs Gouzien, Mrs Morea and Miss Macaulay are very proud of us all and how we are working hard and wanting to do our best.