Welcome to 3B


Our teachers are Mr Bracey and Mrs Watermeyer, who is covering for Mrs Bridger who is currently on maternity leave. We are a class of 27 children and this term we have been exploring the whole school topic of “zoo-ology.” In September we enjoyed visiting Bristol Zoo with all the other classes. As well as learning about the animals, this topic includes science, RE, geography, history, literacy, art and a whole lot more! 

Puplis from 3B Dec 216

It has been lovely to see the children grow in confidence this year - the Year 3's have done so well in rising to the challenge of Key Stage 2, and the Year 4's are developing their ability to work effectively as learning partners to support others while challenging themselves.

In Literacy we have been using our topic to study and generate poetry using a range of poetic devices, we have used Pie Corbett’s “talk for writing” to innovate the story “If I ran the zoo”, and lately we have been using Christmas adverts to inspire descriptive writing in the first person as well as letters.

In Maths we have covered LOTS of topics: In addition to a focus on core operations of column addition and subtraction we have used grid multiplication to calculate with up to three digit numbers. The children particularly enjoyed using the “Mr Banker” game to practise borrowing when calculating column subtraction. We have also revisited time and of course, times tables!

In Science we have been studying green plants, including a dissection of a flower and as you can see above, we learnt how a green plant makes the glucose it needs to grow. In RE we have recently been preparing for, and celebrating the season of Advent and we were lucky enough to be able to hold our class mass this Term using the final monthly theme from the Year of Mercy as our focus.