Welcome to 4BM's class page!

 4BR are beginning the new year with a new class name: 4BM. The teaching routine will remain the same with Mrs McDonagh teaching Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Bridger teaching Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We are incredibly lucky to be supported by Mrs Hughes, Mrs Linton and Mrs Taylor, on a rotational basis.

We started the 2017/18 academic year with unbeatable energy as the year 6s ventured off to Simonsbath in September. As well as learning the importance of teamwork, we thoroughly embraced some new challenges and returned home with some treasured memories:

“I remember when we did the Stream Scramble in Simonsbath. I found it very hard because the wades were already wet from the previous groups and we got soaked. We also had to get on our tummies and army crawl in the freezing water whilst avoiding low branches and rocks. Near the front of the stream, we had to kiss a rock under a little waterfall and say, “Thank you River God.”

By Grace M.


I enjoyed the high ropes and I chose the hard one. I am glad I chose that one because it gave me a challenge and I like challenges. It was scary but I loved it and it was really fun. I also liked going on the rollercoaster. I thought that I would only go round two times but we went round five times and we had two times on it.”

By Cade L.


“In Simonsbath, we faced many challenges, like sleeping, tree climbing and archery. One of the challenges that was hard for me was mountain biking, which was surprisingly fun when you got used to it. We went up and down lots of muddy hills covered in sticks but the hardest one was the plain grass hill. In the end, most people made it (barely)!”

By Imogen W.


“I felt really happy that I got to try lots of new things and I felt adventurous.”

By Gio A.


English and maths

Being an upper key stage 2 class, our English and maths learning intensifies. Last term, we read Holes by Louis Sachar from which we completed our own letter writing and character descriptions.

Work on etymology (the study of word development) will continue. For example, we know that some words can be used as both nouns and verbs.  Here are some that we thought of by ourselves:


Noun: I went to play on a slide.

Verb: I like to slide down hills.

By Ollie S.


Noun: My back is aching.

Verb: “Back me up,” whispered Dad, not knowing what to say.

By Millie D.


English and maths

Please continue to read as much as possible with your child. Bug Club continues to be a fabulous resource for your children to further support their reading, so we encourage the children to take advantage of this free resource as much as they can.

In maths, we have focused upon problems involving the 24 hour clock. Knowledge and understanding of times table application remains crucial and should be continually practised at home.  We also studied, fractions, 2D and 3D shape, translation and weight. Don’t forget the really useful tool of Mathletics while revising at home.


Whilst studying other faiths in RE, we enjoyed learning about Buddhism and contrasting its practices to that of Christianity.


“The difference between Buddhism and Christianity is Buddhists meditate and Christians pray.  Christians believe in Heaven and Buddhists believe in Nirvana, Christians believe in God. Buddhists don’t worship any gods. Buddhists do The Eightfold path and Christians do The Ten Commandments.”

By Rocco R.


As well as many differences, we did find similarities too. Emmi B. noted the similarities between prayer and meditation. Both practices are: “Calm and they think a lot.”

Hope M.  wrote that: “Buddhists only look up to a man called Buddha (Siddhartha Guatama) and Anna A. stated that Siddhartha Guatama is “the founder” of Buddhism.



Our topic will change from Vikings to Arabian Nights and we have already been looking at maps of the world and the Middle East. We are predicting stories of a “magical”, “dark” and “mysterious” nature. There will be some beautiful art work produced this term.

We will continue to work on the values of enthusiasm, resilience and commitment. There’s always plenty of opportunity to prove our understanding in this matter.



We are particularly looking forward to sharing our learning in our class assembly, which will be on the afternoon of Friday, 19th January.  It will be great to share our achievements with our families.



PE kits should be in school on Tuesdays and Fridays for PE lessons and several children will also need it for enrichments sessions on Wednesdays.

With further cold weather due, please ensure your child wears appropriate clothing such as hats, scarves, gloves etc so they are as comfortable as possible during these adverse weather conditions.