Thank you to everyone who supports the PTA.  Without the help of parents and volunteers, it would not be possible to raise much needed funds for the school.


Please click on the link below to see how much money we have raised:


How Much Did We Raise?


With school budgets increasingly squeezed, any extra income is of huge benefit to the school.  It is therefore

great news that Mr. Croker successfully secured funding for some much needed improvements and projects in

the school which, combined with PTA funds, could make a real difference for our children.


Proposals for spending were outlined at the Annual Meeting and will include a new library for the children and some much needed improvements to the school environment.


Please click on the link below to see how the money will be spent:


Where Does My Money Go?


We are very grateful for all your support in all our fundraising efforts and we can’t do this without you!  


Please see the 'Upcoming Events' page to view the list of exciting events planned for the future.