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Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

Show your support for the NHS (and all keyworkers) by displaying a rainbow in your window. You can share your rainbows here by emailing a photograph to your class teacher. 

Something to make you all smile - the end of our first week in school when most children are remote learning at home #keyworkers

Mrs Smith and Mrs McDonagh - I think we're alone now - To watch click here 


Updated policies

COVID 19 Safeguarding statement (March 2020)

COVID 19 Policy (2019 - 2020)



Update: 27th March 2020

Welcome to the home learning section of the school website. 

Our goal with this section of the Web Site is to provide parents and children with learning that can be done at home during the school closure. Over the last week and following your helpful feedback, we will be changing the things that we do slightly. We hope that by doing this, tasks at home will become more manageable.

From next week our aim will be to:

  • Only produce 3-4 English and Maths learning activities a week. These will be as PowerPoints and also PDFs which are downloadable on any device from the school WebSite. 
  • Add to the Pick N' Mix activities. These activities are more open ended and can be as challenging as you want them to be.
  • Include some Basic Life Skills suggestions that would be useful to life beyond school.

If you have problems downloading or accessing the school website, please either e-mail your child's class teacher who may be able to send you the information in another way or contact the school office who will provide you with paper copies.

 SEND Support:

Mrs Warburton has put together some helpful advice for the parents of children who find some aspects of learning hard. Please click on these "Top Tips", and see if they help with home learning.

And finally......

The learning we have posted on our Website has been put there if you need it. This is a strange situation nationally and although we want the children to continue learning, the most important thing, in these first few weeks, is to ensure your child feels and is kept safe and is not worried by the things around them.  If things are hard in your home and these learning activities are causing too much stress don't worry about them. Do what you are able to do.  

Clifton Diocese Learning Competition

To write a short story between 500 and 750 words on the theme of Hope. It can be anything you like

  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Comedy

 You may never have written a short story before but have a go! We are interested in your ideas. Be imaginative.

 Closing Date Friday 3rd April 2020 (complete entry form and e-mail to the diocese).  Entries should reach us by 4pm on Friday 3rd April.