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School Worship

There are two parts to this part of the school website. The first part provides access to the school's current worship themes and the second part provides parents with external links to support the Christian life of the school. 

The current school worship is uploaded as either MP4, PowerPoint Shows or PDFs. These formats should enable families to view or upload the worship activities in one of three formats. In all cases, worship is best viewed together as each story has questions for reflection. These reflections can be as simple as recalling the story to discussing what messages the story might contain.

Our suggestion in how families might approach school worship is to spread these out over the week. They are also designed to be something that a family might share and discuss. As a school we normally start the day with a worship activity but this is not a requirement. We just feel it sets the scene for the day and provides a regular routine.

A suggest weekly routine to worship might be as follows:

Monday:          The Main School Worship (see below)

Tuesday:         Your child's class RE or main school worship follow up (see below or your child's class page)

Wednesday:   Your child's class RE or main school worship follow up (see below or your child's class page)

Thursday:       Liturgy / Gospel Worship (see ongoing Worship Support)

Friday:            Whole School Celebration

Whole School Worship

(Week beginning 18th May)

(Click the links below or watch the website video)


(MP4  Version)

(PDF) (Power Point Show)

Willingness to learn

 Willingness to learn

Willingness to lear


Whole School Worship - Follow up 

The follow up to the Whole School Worship challenges you to think about the lessons you can learn fro the teachings of Jesus or other lessons in the Bible. Good Luck and if you do something you are really proud of, please share this with your class teacher.

 Celebration Worship from Friday 15th May

Following a slight technical hitch last Friday and over the weekend the Celebration Worship from Friday 15th May has now been uploaded. Well done to all our brilliant learners this week and also a BIG well done to all children for your resilience and tenacity with your own learning. Have a great this week. Will you be a impressive learner this week?  



Gospel Worship and Prayer Support


This week's Gospel Worship can be found by following the link below.


Prayer for each day Liturgy / Gospel Worship Prayers for times of need


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