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There are two parts to this section of the school website. The first part provides access to the school's current worship themes and the second part provides parents with external links to support the Christian life of the school. 


During the current lockdown, whole school worship is on the following days and can be accessed from class pages or the following links:

Monday:        The Main School Worship (see below)

Tuesday:        RE Based worship

Thursday:      Gospel Worship (see ongoing Worship Support)

Friday:            Your child's PSHE / Class worship


The current school worship is uploaded as either MP4, PowerPoint or PDF. 

Worship is best viewed together as each story has questions for reflection. These reflections can be as simple as recalling the story to discussing what messages it might contain.



Whole School Worship

(Week beginning 1st March 2021)

This term's worship theme is Faith and Hope. As this is also the time of "Lent" reflection we are also aiming to frame our reflection on the value of Hope from the standpoint that at this time we also need to be   “Silent to Listen” – to God speaking to us.

As a school we are also aiming to tie an element of recovery into our focus on “Hope” and the reflections following each school worship. To support "Lenten" reflection we are also encouraging all children to take a mindfulness walk each week. The purpose of this is to open eyes and ears to the voice of God in the wonder of creation, and excitement of Spring. Part of these walks should be in silence so that senses can be heightened. Please talk and reflect on the changes you observe with each walk.



The week's worship focuses on how our actions can ensure hope. The story of Daisy's Giant Sunflower also recognises that our actions and our determination to keep on trying can enable hope to become a reality.


Click on the following icon to download a copy of this week's worship. This is presented as a power point with linked videos so you can explore what we mean by the word "hope".




Use the attached film clip to explore the questions and reflections in this week's worship.


Film clips to support this term's worship themes

Week 2 - Spring into Spring

The following clip is a classic Sesame Street clip that explores what we mean by the word "Hope".

Week 1 - What is Hope


The following clip comes from the Oak National Academy and was first published in April 2020. The message from the film comes from the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and as is as relevant now as it was then. 

The clip should be viewed alongside this week's worship.

Links to Worship stories from last term


Worship 1: Epiphany 

Worship 2: The Chinese bamboo story

Worship 3: The mustard seed

Worship 4: The Parable of the Pencil

Worship 5: Something Else - A story about friendship

Worship 6: You are Special


Click on the following link to the weekly CAFOD Children's Litergy


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