St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Ofsted and RE Inspections

All Catholic schools, like every other school, are inspected by the government on a regular basis. These inspections are called OFSTED inspections. They examine the curriculum, teaching and learning, standards and achievement. Catholic schools however are also inspected by the diocese. The diocesan inspection is called a section 48 inspection and looks specifically at spiritual and moral development, whole school ethos, collective worship and religious education. At present these inspections take place approximately once every five years as do the OFSTED inspections.

Our most recent Ofsted  report took place in 2008


"Overall effectiveness of the school - Grade: 1 - Outstanding

"St Mary's is an outstanding school. It provides its pupils with exceptional care and education and is held in extremely high regard by parents. 'Our children love going to school and are making great progress. They are stretched, but not beyond their capabilities, therefore avoiding frustration and despondency' was the comment of one, reflecting the views of many. The inspector fully supports this view."


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Section 48 Report (by the diocese)

The section 48 report aims to help schools:

Become excellent self evaluating communities
Celebrate what they do well
Provide a clear indication of areas which need development
Obtain evidence of the quality of religious education
Develop their distinctiveness as catholic schools



Our most recent Section 48 report was in February 2015

 "Pupils benefit substantially from the Catholic life of the school. They have a strong sense of pride in their school and are enriched by the close links the school has with its founding order, the Poor Servants of the Mother of God. High standards of behaviour and respect, based on Gospel values, encourage pupils to be alert to the needs of others, seeking injustice for all within and beyond the school community. Pupils respond enthusiastically to the exceptionally strong links with the parish, which are central to school life. These links with the parish, and the regular contact with the sisters, enable them to feel part of a wider global community. Pupils benefit from their association with the mission of the order and its outreach work in a school in Kenya. In this way, the prayer and mission of the school are being strengthened and deepened."


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