St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Our School and Christian Vision 

Our Mission Through School Values

As a Catholic school our Christian and Catholic values should be a web that runs through everything that we do. In particular it will be seen through our values, the way we approach worship and as a living faith in the way we study the Gospel and develop spirituality through out curriculum. 

Our values reflect the virtues we want children to reflect in the things the think, say and do. We believe we should model these in all that we do and we encourage children to see the teachings of Jesus in the way they explore and understand these virtues. Our hope is that these values will shape our children's lives not only in the time they are in St Mary's, but also into their adult lives.


Love and Faith

Love means being kind to each other and looking after our school community. Faith means believing in God, yourself and other people


Courage means being brave in difficult situations.


Respect means looking after our school community, property and being a good listener.


Resilience means to never give up and keep on going, even when we find it hard.


Aspiration means always trying our best, challenging ourselves and inspiring others to do the same.

 Religious Education 

A Catholic Ethos flows through St Mary's. It is expected that the children admitted to the school will take a full and active part in the religious life of the school. The following is a summary of what Religious Education as a curriculum subject looks like here at St. Mary's.

St Mary's aim is to lead the children to an active living faith which they participate in and have a passion towards. This is done through daily prayer, regular whole school masses, yearly class masses, school assemblies as well as fortnightly whole school prayer.

As well as exploring Christianity, children at St Mary's study other faiths so as to gain a greater understanding of cultural diversity and how we are all created in the likeness of God. Also, these units of study teach children about tolerance, equality and similarities and differences between faiths.

St Mary's children further their prayer life and write a selection of prayers of different types which becomes the class prayer book for the year.


Involving Pupils in Whole School Worship

St Mary's pupils regularly research images on the internet, take digital photographs themselves, create PowerPoint presentations and illustrate verses of hymns/songs to be sung during worship.

In small group worship, pupils lead reflective worship on subjects they themselves deem to be important in the world today.

Pupils meet, welcome and introduce visitors to events of worship.

Prayer Council discusses what makes collective worship successful/meaningful/a positive experience and ways in which current practice/arrangements could be made better.


 Collective Worship

Assembly and class time is used for collective worship as a way to support and encourage Christian values as these are strongly promoted throughout St Mary's School at all ages.

Each class will present an assembly annually to the whole school and this will be an occasion when class learning is shared, Bible stories are taught and collective worship is led by children. Parents are invited into school on regular occasions to share these assemblies as well as: Class Masses and Whole School Masses.


A Living Faith

 St Mary's pupils love to prepare productions and services for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest. These events always feature music and the pupils thoroughly enjoy singing, praising and witnessing their faith in this way.

St Mary's pupils say the traditional school prayers on a daily basis (see) and also write their own reflective prayers.

St Mary's School has a close co-operation between the Church 'Our Lady of The Assumption' which is known locally as being called 'St Mary's Church' Our Parish Priest Canon Desmond Millett visits school on a regular basis for assemblies, Class Masses, Whole School Masses and other liturgical celebrations.

Later insight into Canon Millett's role, what different symbols within church represent and the liturgy as a whole. 


 The Core: 

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Prayer life:

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Holy Communion:

Many children undertake their first Holy Communion during their time with us. To find out more, please click here.