St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Our Chaplaincy Team

Meet The Chaplaincy Team: (photo and names to be inserted) 







Here are some reasons that we chose to join The Chaplaincy Team: 

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Primarily, we are working as a team to promote and develop the relationship between the members of our St Mary's family and God.

We meet every Wednesday to 'plan, do and review'. Together, we think of new ideas that will bring our faith alive so that pupils and parents may engage in the spiritual life at St Mary's School. 


The main objectives of our Chaplaincy Team are to:

  • help our school to be a community of the Catholic faith
  • encourage our fellow pupils to witness their faith in daily living
  • develop good relationships within and beyond our school community
  • support, encourage and develop the liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of our school
  • continue to involve pupils in fundraising for charities
  • continue to develop strong links with our parish
  • support the school in its Mission Statement.
  • Already, in such a short time, our Chaplaincy Team has fulfilled its role by:

Since returning to school in March (post Lockdown), we have: 

  • made indoor and outdoor prayer trees  for our school
  • been instrumental in leading Holy Week activities such as reading bible stories to Key Stage 1 and helping the adults to walk younger children down to church
  • helped and participated in the Easter assembly 
  • planned some charity fundraising events