St Mary's

Catholic Primary School



At St. Mary’s, we have a strong tradition of music. The children are encouraged to play their instrument in class masses, and I welcome musicians to play in school mass.

Children take part in a weekly whole-school singing assembly, which has a mixture of traditional hymns and songs for school masses, and also lively, contemporary up-beat music from different genres.

Each class has regular music lessons in which children learn the basics of musical terms, for example, pulse, rhythm and timbre and start to learn music notation. The children experience a wide range of musical styles through listening, singing to and accompanying with tuned and un-tuned percussion in our music room. There are also opportunities for composing and collaboration for children to create their own music.

Last year, a large group of Key Stage 2 children loved taking part in ‘Young Voices’ at the Genti Arena in Birmingham. This is a national event which involved thousands of school children coming together to have fun singing songs they had learnt in the preceding months. It proved so popular that we are taking another group this year and they are already busy practising on Mondays after school!

This year, lunchtime recorder lessons are available for Years 4 and 5 – a great opportunity to learn a tuned instrument and play as a large group. We have accompanying backing tracks, which range from salsa to pop and jazz. Once confident, the children may accompany in masses and their assemblies.

Later in the year, Mini Singers (choir) will return for Years 2 and 3 at lunchtime.

At Christmas, Early Years, KS1 and KS2 perform Christmas songs, a Nativity and a Carol service. These events are a highlight of the year for parents and carers. This year’s KS2 Christmas carol service will be held at St. Mary’s Church.

Our Year 6 children traditionally put on a summer performance in July, in which they showcase their acting, dancing and musical skills. Last year’s production was based on their class topic about World War 2.

Our Autumn Music Concert on  Wednesday 27th November was enjoyed by all of the children and many parents.  The Mini Singers and Young Voices entertained us with their wonderful, enthusiastic singing. We listened to children play: recorders, violins, guitars and a saxophone. It was a great opportunity for the children to share their talents, and inspire others with their music. A huge thank you to all of the children who made this such a happy event.

Peripatetic Teachers


There are opportunities for children to learn a wide range of stringed, woodwind and percussion instruments with our four peripatetic teachers. Mrs Williams has a clarinet and flute for anyone to learn with. She has available places after school on Friday. Mrs Beresford is also able to offer piano lessons outside of school hours. We also have a guitar and drumming teacher. Our teachers are happy to be contacted directly. Please see the information below.




Email contact

Guitar and ukulele

Tom Allen - Thursday 

Woodwind: Clarinet, flute, saxophone & oboe.

Angela Williams –Monday and Wednesday


Stringed instruments: violin. (piano privately)

Clare Beresford- Friday




Tim Harding – Thursday


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the school e-mail address.


Mrs Johnson (Music Co-ordinator)