Sport and PE at St Mary's

Please click on the links below to read the information on PE at St Mary's from the past three years.

Here is our information on how we have spent our funding this year.

Sports Funding and Provision

Sports Funding Impact Sports and
PR Provision
PE Expenditure
2017 - 18 2017 - 18 2017 - 18 2017 - 18
2016 - 17 2016 - 17 2016 -17 2016 - 17
2015 -16 2015 -16 2015 -16 2015 -16


PE Curriculum

As part of our PE curriculum, St Mary's is now using the 'Real PE' and ‘Real Gym’ schemes of work, funded by our Sport Premium Funding, which promotes physical literacy in the children. These schemes promote high quality physical education learning and will ensure continuity and progression in our teaching of the subject. To find out more about 'Real PE', please click here.


Sporting Leadership at St Mary's

At St Mary's, children have the opportunity to be leaders and role models for the school community. We have Year 6 pupils who are Sports Ambassadors along with children who have had the opportunity to attend Young Officials days to give them the confidence and ability to assist with the refereeing of matches etc. The Year 5 & 6 pupils also apply their skills by leading Sports Day for the KS1 pupils every year. 

Sports Ambassadors  To find out more about this role, please click here.




Sporting Clubs at St Mary's


We have a variety of after school sports clubs for children from Year R to Year 6. These change on a termly  basis. For a full list of the current clubs this year, please click on the links below. 

Term 5 Sports Clubs

Chippenham Sports Partnership News

Newsletters ¦ Issue 11 ¦ Issue 10 ¦ Issue 8 ¦ Issue 7 ¦ Issue 6 ¦ Issue 5 ¦ Issue 4 ¦ Issue 3 ¦ Issue 2 ¦


Sporting Success at St Mary's

Please come into school and view our sports board to find out more information about any of the following. 

Sports Day:

KS1 sports day was won St Andrew's

KS2 sports day was won by St Patrick's



Reception: St Andrew's and St David's

Year 1: St George's

Year 2: St George's

Year 3/4 Tag: St George's

Year 3/4 Football: St George's

Year 3/4 Netball: St Andrew's

Year 3/4 Hockey: St Andrew's

Year 5/6 Tag: St Andrew's

Year 5/6 Football: St George's

Year 5/6 Netball: St Andrew's

Year 5/6 Hockey: St Patrick's

Overall Year 3/4: St Andrew's and St George's

Overall Year 5/6: St Andrew's

Sporting Events taken part in:

Football Yr5/6 Level 2

Football Festival Yr5/6 Friendly

Girls Football Festival Friendly

Football for Fun KS1 Friendly

Netball Festival Yr3/4 Friendly

Netball Yr5/6 Level 2

Hockey Yr5/6 Level 2

Tag Rugby Yr5/6 Level 2

Kwik Cricket Festival Yr5/6 Level 2

Chippenham Dance Festival

All Active Academy (an event for children to try different sports, not usually available in primary schools)

Talent Team (an event for our more sporty pupils)




In addition to this, our oldest children are able to participate in the 'Bikeability' scheme. 



To see how we plan to build our Sport & PE provision in the future, please click here