St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Learning Survey


A questionnaire for parents on effective learning.

We would appreciate any responses in order to help us make our school more effective. Thank you for your time.

All responses are anonymous, but will be collated to help improve the school. This survery should take no more than ten minutes.

1. Learning Environment

Where do you feel your child does their learning? Please include all places.

2. Being right

How important is it that your child get things right on a scale of 1-10 (10= very important)

3. Why?

Why have you chosen this number?

4a Features of writing

4b Secondary Features of Writing

4c Tertiary Features of Writing

4d Other features of Writing

5a Features of Maths

5b Secondary Features of Maths

5c Tertiary Features of Maths

5d Other features of Maths

6 Emotional Learning