St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Being a theologian - Religious Education


We are very proud of our Catholic School foundation and that the school's foundation is linked to the SMG Order (Poor Servants of the Mother of God, who believed that an education was important for all, regardless of their circumstances.


We welcome children of all and no faith recognising that each child is unique and special in the eyes of God. To this end everything we do is underpinned by the Gospel and our school's vision which is linked to the six key values of:

  • Love
  • Faith
  • Respect
  • Aspiration
  • Courage
  • Resilience

We believe these values will prepare our children to be compassionate and considerate members of our school community and wider society. To this end we believe these values will enable our pupils to active and productive members of their community who are prepared for lifelong learning, knowing how to treat others with kindness, respect and tolerance.


Worship and Religious Education (RE) are at the core of this approach which is supported as a curricular area by the Clifton Diocese "God Matters" scheme of work.  Progress and attainment are skill based and are assessed through children's ability to:

  • Retell
  • Describing and interpreting
  • Understand and explain concepts and ideas
  • Analyse and make links to wider areas of religious study
  • Construct arguments and make reasoned judgments
  • Recognise similarity, difference and diversity, .

Please click on the following links for a deeper understanding of our Religious Education curriculum:


We are all children of God, one family working together to develop a community of shared values, shared challenges and equal opportunities through knowledge and understanding of the Gospels, with Jesus Christ as our teacher.’

The school's Lead Theologian or RE Subject Leader  is Theresa McDonagh