Absence and Sickness

If your child is absent from school through illness it is important that you inform the the school by 9.00am on the first day of illness. You do not need to inform the us each day of your child's illness, but a follow up note is needed on their return to school, so that the absence can be recorded correctly. It the school is not informed of the absence it will be marked as unauthorized. 

Infectious diseases

The following information is for guidance, it does not over-ride any specific advice given in respect of individuals.


Incubation period Required medical absence from school

 Chicken Pox

12-21 days 5 days from appearance of rash or until blisters dry.
German Measles 14-21 days 5 days from appearance of rash. Please notify school immediately diagnosis is made.
Measles 8-13 days 5 days from appearance of rash.
Mumps 18-21 days 5 days minimum after onset of swollen glands.
Conjunctivitis n/a None, but treatment is essential.
Impetigo n/a Until spots have healed.
Heads Lice n/a None, but must be treated.
Verrucas n/a None, but verruca must be covered
Diarrhoea and vomiting n/a 48 hours after last occurrence 

Medical appointments 

As much as possible we do ask that medical apportionment are made out of school time. However we do understand that this is not always possible. If your child has to be taken out of school for a medical appointment, the school must be advised in writing, so that it can be appropriately marked in the register. The letter/note can be handed to your child's teacher or given in at the office.

When you come to collect your child please go to reception and speak to someone in the office. 

Prescribed medicines 

We understand that from time your child may need to take medicine while at school. You are welcome to come and administer medicines at break and lunchtimes. We must stress that giving of medicines is not a service which the school does not undertake. Please see our Medicines Policy on our policy page.