Call Parents 2018/19

On this page you will find copies of our communication home via Call Parents up until June 2019, when the system moved to ParentPay. 

St Mary's enrolls all parents and carers in the Call Parents service which allows regular communication between school and home by email. Please contact school office if you would like further information about this system. 

If you can't find what you need, please ask your child's teacher or at the school office

If you would like a hard copy of information on this website or need a translation, audio or braille format, please ask at the school office. 

Whole School 2018/19

July 2019

Emails now sent via ParentPay and will appear on this page shortly.

June 2019

28th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 34
        Up and Under Sports flier
         Campxtra flier
27th: Summer Fair
25th: Leadership Information & Class Structure
25th: School Photography
25th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 33
18th: Invoices
17th: St Mary's Sports Day email and letter
17th: Whole School Letter Issue 32 and
        Summer Tennis Camps Flyer
14th: Parent Announcement
14th: Class Photographs
13th: Ice Lolly Friday
7th: IEB Update Newsletter for Term 6
7th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 31 
6th: Ice Lolly Fridays!
6th: MUFTI Day Tomorrow
5th: PTA Quiz Night
4th: After School KS1 Cricket Club
4th: Summer Music Concert
3rd: Summer Fete
3rd: Plant Sale - Friday

May 2019

24th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 30 
St Peter's Food bank flyer &
         Tree Sculpture Competition flyer

22nd: Help with Sewing Club 
22nd: 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
20th: RSE - Term 6
20th: After School Clubs - Term 6
        Teaching Led Club - Term 6
17th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 29
15th: PTA Quiz Night email & poster
15th: Disco Tickets
13th: Easy fundraising
10th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 28 
         & Tennis for Kids poster
3rd: Whole School Newsletter Issue 27 
1st: Cake Sale

April 2019

26th: IEB Update
26th: Whole School Newsletter Issue 26 
26th: Class Newsletters
25th: IEB Parent Forum
25th: Lunchtime Clubs
24th: Key Dates for Term 5 & 6
23rd: SATS Information Sheet
11th: Sponsored Egg and Spoon Races
5th: Whole School Newsletter
3rd: School Car Park
2nd: ParentPay
2nd: IEB Update Term 4
2nd: Term 5 Sports Clubs & booking form
        Term 5 Teacher Led Clubs & booking form
1st: Ofsted Visit

March 2019

29th: Newsletter Issue 24 & Tennis Camps 
29th: Parent Pay Email
28th: Mrs Howie-Lee
26th: After School Club Collection Point
25th:  IEB Update Term 4
22nd: Newsletter Issue 23 & Up and Under Poster
20th: Easter Egg Raffle
20th: FYI - Drain Issue 
18th: Roast Dinner on Wednesday
15th: Newsletter Issue 22
14th: Letter Regarding PPA Time
12th: PTA Newsletter
8th: Newsletter Issue 21 & Head-lice Guide
7th: Childcare Vouchers
5th: Sponsored Readathon
4th: Menu change
4th: Parent Pay
1st: Newsletter Issue 20

February 2019

28th: Internet Safety
27th: Term 4 Class Newsletters {web page link}
27th: PTA AGM
19th: PatrentPay System at St Mary's
15th: Newsletter Issue 19  & Sports Camp
13th: Mini Concert KS2 Young Voices Choir -
         New Time
12th: Power Maths Information email & induction
11th: Cake Tins
11th: Half Term Multi-Sports Course
11th: After School Clubs - Term 4
11th: World Book Day - 7th March 2019
8th: Cakes, Cakes & More Cakes
8th: Weekly Newsletter & indoor cricket coaching 
8th: Cake Sale
6th: NSPCC Number Day Tomorrow
5th: 2nd Hand Uniform Sale - TODAY
5th: 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
4th: Progress Monitoring
4th: Change of Dates - Number Day & Class

4th: School Site Clear
3rd: Monday morning Drop off -3rd February 2019
1st: School Closure - Friday 1st February

January 2019

31st: Adverse Weather Conditions
31st: Change of Date
31st: Head Lice
30th: Power Maths Parents Workshop
30th: Legomania Event email & booking poster
30th: NSPCC Number Day
28th: Emergency Closure Guidelines
25th: Newsletter Issue 17, NSPCC Number Day
 & Cake Sale
22nd: Change of TD Day
22nd: Parents Forum email, letter and IEB update
21st: New Caretaker email & letter
21st: Childcare Vouchers
18th: Newsletter Issue 16
14th: Change of Key Dates 2019
11th: Newsletter Issue 15 and Term 3 Menu

December 2018

21st: Newsletter Issue 14
14th: 'The Clash' Flyer
14th: Newsletter Issue 13
13th: After School Clubs - Next Week
13th: Nativity & Carol Concert Performances
11th: KS1 Nativity
11th: Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 14th Dec
11th: Nativity Performances
11th: Xmas Raffle
10th: Nativity Performance/Carol Concert Tickets
10th: Term 3 After School Clubs
        Teacher Led Club Booking Form Term 3 
        Overview Teacher Led Club Term 3
        Sports Club Booking Form Term 3
        Overview Sports Club Term 3
7th: Newsletter Issue 12
6th: Christmas Film Night
5th: Yr 2 Class January 2019 email and letter
3rd: Science Masterclass
3rd: Dance Workshop
3rd: Christmas Dinner

November 2018

30th: Newsletter Issue 11
29th: School Car Park
26th: Flu Immunisation & consent form
26th: Christmas Card Orders - Final Call
23rd: Netball Masterclass & Hockey Masterclass
23rd: Newsletter Issue 10
22nd: Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal
22nd: Christmas Film Night - Further Info
21st: Christmas Film Night
16th: Newsletter Issue 9
14th: 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
9th: Flyer Winter Wonderland & Newsletter no.8
9th: Newsletter Issue 8
6th: Locked Gates
6th: Welcome to Mrs Garven in Class 5

October 2018

31st: PTA Meeting Wednesday 7th November
24th: Young Voices Choir performance
24th: End of term letter from Mrs Howie-Lee
24th: School Sports Clubs
22nd: Nasal Flu Vaccination - 5th December
22nd: Book Fair
22nd: Nasal Flu Vaccination
19th: Newsletter Issue 7
19th: Menu Change - Wednesday 24th October
18th: Book Fair
16th: School Photographs
16th: Archery Sports Club
16th: Teacher-Led Yoga Club
15th: Term 2 Sports Club & Term 2 booking form
        Teacher-Led Clubs & Term 2 booking form
15th: Phonics Information Meeting
14th: PTA Coffee Tuesday 16th October
12th: The Travelling Book Fair
12th: Newsletter Issue 6
5th: Keydates
5th: Newsletter Issue 5
4th: Access to lane via The Quadrangle

September 2018

28th: Newsletter Issue 4
26th: School Photograph Day - Wednesday 3rd
26th: Open Classroom Visit - Monday 1st October,
         4.15pm - 5.00pm

25th: Harvest Mass Friday 5th October
25th: Book Club
21st: Newsletter Issue 3
20th: Parents meeting this evening
14th: Newsletter Issue 2
14th: St. Mary's 80s Night!
11th: Teacher Led Clubs
7th: Newsletter Issue 1
6th: Letter from Mrs. Howie-Lee
5th: Menu for Friday 
4th: Sports and Teacher-Led Clubs - Term 1  
       September 2018 
       Booking forms Teacher Led / Sports Club

4th: Welcome back letter

Summer 2017/18

27th July 2018: Parent/Carer Alert











































































Classes Information

Please view your the Our Classes page and the Class Newsletters pages for the latest year specific letters, key dates and newsletters.