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Home Contact 2017/18

Please note HomeContact system was replaced by Parent Link for 2017/18

Home Contact 2016/17

On this page you will find copies of our communication home including the newsletter, HomeContact communications and key documents. We also aim to include all letters home from each class in this area.  If you can't find what you need, please ask your child's teacher or at the school office

St Mary's enrols all parents and carers in the HomeContact service which allows regular communication between school and home by email. Please contact school office if you would like further information about this system. 

Whole School 2016/17

July 2017

21st: Governors' Report to Parents 2016/17 [PDF]
20th: Summary for 2016/17 and
         Priorities for 2017/18 [PDF]
20th: Lost Property [PDF]
20th: Home Contact System [PDF]
14th: Letter from Mrs Wembridge [PDF]
14th: PTA Summer Fete Thank You! [PDF]
14th: 2017 Parent Survey email [PDF] & Survey 
         form [MS Word] or [PDF]
12th: Holiday Sports Camp &
         After School Club [PDF]
11th: 2017/2018 Calendar [PDF]
10th: Election Form Amendment [PDF]

June 2017

30th: Today Friday 30th June [PDF]
29th: School Fete [PDF]
29th: 30th June 2017 [PDF]
28th: School Lunches [PDF]
27th: Music Concert [PDF]
27th: Holiday Sports Camp [PDF]
27th: Early Years Reminder [PDF]
27th: TD Day [PDF]
26th: Mufti Day Friday 30th June [PDF]
22nd: No After School Club 30th June -Fete [PDF]
22nd: Family Fun Day [PDF]
21st: Mufti Day [PDF]
20th: Hot weather conditions [PDF]
16th: Nearly New Sale [PDF]
15th: Chippenham churches fun day [PDF]

15th: Music lessons [PDF]
14th: Second hand uniform sale [PDF]
14th: Cancellation - PTA Table Top Sale [PDF]
12th: PTA Table Top Sale [PDF] & Poster [PDF]
6th: PTA School Disco – Reminder [PDF] and
       PTA School Disco form [PDF]

May 2017

26th: Lost Property [PDF]
25th: Lost PE kit [PDF]
25th: After School Club [PDF]
25th PTA June Events Letter [PDF],
         PTA Table top sale [PDF]
         PTA  Disco [PDF] & PTA Fete [PDF]
25th: Music evening email [PDF] Letter [PDF]
24th: Holiday Sports Camp [PDF]
19th: Sports Day [PDF]
18th: Holiday Sports Camp [PDF]
18th: Redwood Trip [PDF]
18th: Missing Coats [PDF]
11th: Music Evening 26th June letter [PDF]
11th: Sports Holiday Camp Email [PDF]
         Booking Form [PDF]
4th: The May Mile ® & Sainsburys vouchers [PDF]
4th: School Sports Day Information [PDF]
4th: PTA Easter Thank You! email [PDF]
       Poster [PDF]
3rd: Readathon Sponsored Read [PDF]

April 2017

27th: Sports day date change: NOW 22 May[PDF]
3rd: Easter Newsletter [PDF]

March 2017

30th: Holiday Sports Camp [PDF]
30th: School dinner money [PDF]
30th: PTA Pancake Race - Thank you! [PDF]
29th: Easter Sport's Camp [PDF] &
         Booking Form [word] or [PDF]
29th: Mother's Day Raffle [PDF]
29th: PTA Bowood Ball email [PDF] 
         & Poster [PDF]
24th: PTA Easter Fundraising Events Email [PDF]          & Letter [PDF]
24th: PTA Bowood Ball Extension [PDF]
23rd: Job Vacancies [PDF]
23rd: Head Lice [PDF]
21st: PTA Bowood Ball Email [PTA] & Letter [PDF]
19th: Nearly New Sale [PDF]
15th: Mother's Day Raffle [PDF]
14th: Scholars [PDF]
10th: Change to school lunches 13th & 16th [PDF]
10th: PTA AGM Minutes and Next Meeting [PDF]
10th: PTA Letter to Parents [PDF]
9th: Pancake Races Sponsorship Money [PDF]
8th: Art Exhibition [PDF]
6th: Missing Glasses [PDF]
3rd: Pancake Races Sponsorship Money [PDF]
2nd: Lost Property [PDF]

February 2017

27th: Pancake Races Reminder [PDF]
27th: Second Hand Uniform Sale today [PDF]
23rd: PTA Pancake Race [PDF] & form [PDF]
23rd: Ash Wednesday Lunch menu change [PDF]
23rd: C.A.F.O.D [PDF]
22nd: Second Hand Uniform Sale [PDF]
22nd: Ash Wednesday Mass [PDF]
22nd: Uniform - Thinking Day [PDF]

10th: World Book Day 2nd Feb [PDF]
9th: Head Lice [PDF]
9th: Lowden Parking [PDF]
8th: Sports Holiday Camp [PDF]
7th: Newsletter [PDF]
6th: NSPPC Cake Sale [PDF]
1st: Holiday sports camp [PDF]
1st: Mufti Day & Cake Sale - 3rd Feb [PDF]

January 2017

27th: Number Day 2017 [PDF]
25th: PTA News [PDF]
18th: Uniform mix up! [PDF]
16th: Nearly New school uniform sale [PDF]

12th: Lost Property [PDF]

11th: Department of Education letter [PDF] &
         Form [PDF or MS Word]

5th: 'Superstar Readers' loyalty scheme [PDF]
4th: Girls shoes [PDF] & Lost property [PDF]

December 2016

16th: Governor Newsletter [PDF]
15th: Lost Property [PDF]
15th: Car parking [PDF]
14th: Christmas Jumper Day - 15th Dec [PDF]
14th: Lost Property [PDF] 
13th: KS2 Christmas lunch & Enrichment [PDF]
13th: Newsletter [PDF]
12th: After School Club [PDF]
8th: Christmas Jumper Day- 15th Dec 2016 [PDF]
7th: Christmas fayre photographs [PDF]
5th: Touring Theatre Visit [PDF]
1st: Uniform - cold weather [PDF]
1st: Fete - cake donations [PDF]

November 2016

27th: Christmas Fete reminder [PDF] 

23rd: Operation Christmas Child [PDF]

21st: PTA Christmas Fete [PDF]

21st: Message from Local Police [PDF]

16th: Nearly New Uniform Sale [PDF]

16th: Nativity Arrangements - Reception /
         Foundation performance [PDF]
14th: 'Great Eight' Cultural Committee [PDF]  

10th: Remembrance Service [PDF]

10th: Logo for P.T.A competition [PDF]

9th: Travelling Book Fair [PDF]

5th: Book Fair [PDF]

4th:  Great 8 Newsletter [PDF]

3rd: Website feedback update [PDF] &
       Website survey [PDF]

2nd: School Photographs [PDF]

1st::  Travelling Book Fair [PDF]

October 2016

20th: Chippenham Library email [PDF] 
         & flyer [PDF] 

19th: Calling all musicians! [PDF]

19th: 2nd Autumn Newsletter [PDF]

19th: Drumming lessons [PDF] &
         booking form [PDF]

19th: Sports clubs next half term [PDF]

19th: New Lunch Menu email [PDF] &
         Menu [PDF]

18th: PTA Newsletter [PDF] & Competition [PDF]

18th: Book of Remembrance email [PDF]  &
         letter [PDF]

16th: Nearly New Uniform Sale [PDF]

6th: Holiday sports camp [PDF]

6th: Governors Suggestion box [PDF] &
       letter [PDF]

5th: St Mary's Superstar Readers! [PDF] &
       Library letter [PDF]

4th: Mufti Day Thursday 6th October [PDF]

3rd: Harvest festival [PDF]

September 2016

30th: Parents Evening [PDF]

29th: Communication systems [PDF]

26th: Car Park tomorrow morning [PDF]

22nd:  P.T.A coffee morning [PDF]

20th: Primary School Places email [PDF] &
         Supplementary Information Form [Word]
         or PDF

20th: Secondary School Applications [PDF]

19th: Vacancies [PDF] 
         MDSA job description [PDF]
         Kitchen Assistant job description [PDF]

19th: Shingles [PDF]

19th: Second hand uniform sale [PDF]

12th: Zoo Trip Email [PDF] & Letter [PDF]

9th:  A super week [PDF]

8th: Free to a good home! {Electric Organ} [PDF]

7th: Second hand uniform sale dates [PDF]


Wiltshire Term Dates 2016/17 [PDF] and 2017/18 [PDF]


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