A very warm ‘hello and welcome!’ from Kestrel Class. We are a year 4 class.

Class Teachers: Mrs Gabriel - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Mrs Bridger – Thursdays and Fridays.

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Taylor, who is a music expert and Mrs Keen, who is a languages specialist and teaches Spanish across the school – we are very lucky to have them both!

Year 4 is a very exciting year where children we hope children will be inspired and motivated by learning about new topics. Creativity and enjoyment are very important to us in Kestrel Class and we like to think about our topic as much as possible in our learning as well as building on our skills in reading, writing and maths. Being safe and happy is vital to us as this ensures that your child will thrive.

We value the role that parents can play in school life and we try to keep parents as informed as possible throughout the year with a class assembly, a class mass, as well as parents’ evenings and termly newsletters.

We encourage children in Kestrel Class to be good learners and help our children to ‘learn how to learn’. We talk lots about the attitudes of good learners such as being determined, flexible, curious and brave. We think that making mistakes is very important as that is where lots of good learning comes from!

Class Newsletters can be viewed here.       

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Thank you for sending your child promptly into school each morning for when the bell is rung.

Thank you for your support,

With kindest regards, Mrs Gabriel and Mrs Bridger