Friday 11th January 2019

Dear Parents and Carers of Falcons Class,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and were able to find some time to relax. It was lovely seeing the children’s happy faces again and to hear their news. They have returned with continued enthusiasm and determination to succeed in all they do. Starting the new year with a new class name, it seemed fitting to read some poetry to the children this week. The two poems were about the Peregrine Falcon: one describing its determined and ambitious nature and one describing its graceful power as it soars through the skies. These are my sentiments about your wonderful children in Falcon Class: determined, ambitious, graceful and powerful. Together, we have been through several changes since September, yet the aforementioned qualities that are evident amongst us, seem to make us stronger and stronger each term. I am incredibly proud of them.

The teaching arrangements for this term remains mostly the same. Mrs Hughes will be working with us every day, Mrs Bird will be with us for three maths lessons , and Mrs Thomason will continue to teach Spanish to the children. Our PE days have changed, so that we will no longer have PE on Thursday afternoon, but on Wednesday afternoon instead.I am blessed to work with such a strong support staff; their time and expertise are greatly appreciated. I continue to believe that Together Everybody Achieves More.

Thank you so much for continuing to support your child with reading. It’s wonderful to see that different genres are still being explored and enjoyed. The school library is now looking fantastic, and we look forward to enjoying the warm and inspirational environment that has been created. This term, I am going to ask the children to plan their own reading challenges, so I am looking forward to the variety of suggestions. Some children have a strong preference for fiction or non-fiction, and I am encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone, to read texts that they may not usually choose. Should there be any unwanted non-fiction material in your home (eg child friendly newspapers, magazines, etc),we would be very grateful to receive them into our class library.

The rules around homework remain the same: if homework is not returned, the feedback sessions in class will not be as useful for your children, and they will then have to complete the homework at break or during their lunch time. The homework will be set to directly support your child’s classroom learning and so it will be hugely beneficial.

The homework for term 3 is as follows:










Spellings and GPS


The following Friday


We go through homework in class, so if there is something that either your child or you are unsure of, please rest assured that we will go through it together. I always tell the children not to worry if something is difficult: once we review the problem, it will stand out in their memories when they meet such a question again.  It is not a problem if your child has to leave answers out. Rather than avoid areas that we have not yet covered, I do like to give out ‘mixed’ question homework. This is a good opportunity for the children to do their own research, so that when we visit the topic, they will have already done their own pre-learning.  I am trying to encourage the children to be more independent. This term’s mixed maths will be SATS style questions.

Our school topic is “Space”, and to link in with this, our class book is “The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day.” Any budding scientists out there are about to be gripped by this story, and for any children who may not be interested by science – things are about to change.

In English, we will be writing sci-fi stories and  explanations. In addition to securing basic and advanced punctuation, there will be a continued focus on securing sentence structure and verb tenses this term.  Handwriting and presentation is always a focus and continues to improve on a weekly basis. This week, the continued improvements have been most noticeable.

The focus in maths this term will be percentage, fraction and decimal conversion, ratio and proportion, imperial and metric measure and perimeter, area and volume.

In RE, we will be studying Revelation and Sikhism.

Light and electricity will be our unit of study in science.

This term, our PE lessons will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, for which full PE kit is essential. We cannot allow the children to do PE in school shoes and we cannot take them outside in extremely cold weather if they don’t have their outdoor PE kit (tracksuits).  The children are allowed to wear dark coloured fleeces/hoodies and dark coloured tracksuit bottoms. It is no longer compulsory to wear the St Mary’s tracksuit, which we accept is not as warm as others the children may own.The weather is cold, so suitable clothing will be appreciated by the children. Occasionally, we may do PE on a day that is different to our regular day, so it is advisable to have kits in school from Monday to Friday.

The morning and afternoon routines now run smoothly. The children are now accustomed to signing out at the end of the school day and know that if parents are delayed, they will remain safe and cared for in the after school club. Please remember that there will be a charge attached to this childcare.

Thank you for always informing me of anything I need to know regarding the well-being of your child.

Thank you also for your continued support, your smiles in the morning and the trust you put in me.

Together We Achieve More.

Happy New Year.

Kindest regards,


Mrs Theresa McDonagh

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