At St Mary's we are very proud of our talented children and regularly celebrate their successes. On Fridays in ‘Celebration Assembly’ we rejoice the achievements our students school and extra circular awards. On this page you will find the names of all the children who we have celebrated.

For additional details of the children being celebrated in each class, please see the Success Boards in each classroom.

Mrs Smith was proud to present certificates to:


Term 6 Headteacher's Award EYs Years 1 & 2 Years 3 Years 4 & 5 Year 6
24th - 28th June 2019 Wrens: Maisie W For lovely participation during the ‘Peter Pan Theatre’ morning
Well Done!
Robins: Lila M For much improved handwriting
Maryanne J For fantastic painting of a lion following our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park
Eli McC For super enthusiasm in his learning about ‘wondrous wildlife’
Kingfishers: Azuat R For brilliant effort and good progress in English Kestrels: Romeo C For showing good reasoning in maths and being a supportive learning
Ospreys: Noah McC For his fantastic attitude to learning and inventive newspaper article
about Anne Frank from a German perspective
Cullin P For being a great role model and always giving 100%
Falcons: Isabella C For amazing acting and singing
17th - 21st June 2019 Jaden M – For producing an excellent piece of work
Bobby-Neville P -
Wrens: Cillian M For great sharing of vocabulary and rhyming text knowledge in
‘Story Time’. Well done!
Robins: Matthew W-C For producing a super piece of writing despite being absent.
Owls: Megan T For being a mature and brave member of our class.
Woodpeckers: Sophie M For growing into such a super role model in our class.
Kingfishers: Olivia W For producing some mysterious writing – well done!

Kestrels: Ollie C For enthusiastic discussions in science.
Ospreys: Eliza S For thoughtful use of evidence to support her views in guided
Eagles: Samuel C For consistently using maths language correctly and explaining his
reasoning skills.

Falcons: Jasmine R For excellent effort in production practice.
10th - 14th June 2019 Chica De Castro Maia – For being helpful with pupils around the school
Evie G-S – For some great examples of work
The Whole Yr6 Class – For their impeccable behaviour at Clifton Cathedral Mass
Wrens: Molly D For showing very good fine motor skills when adding collage to her
sunflower artwork. Well done!
Robins: Adam W-C For super role playing.
Owls: Alexia E For super writing about Elmer.
Woodpeckers: Brooke L For her positive approach to all learning.
Kingfishers: Stanley B For improved focus and effort this week. Kestrels: Ava M For great knowledge of the human body.
Ospreys: Emily T For her fantastic attitude to learning and great descriptive writing.
Eagles: Feliks R For wonderful topic answers in class and his enthusiasm.
Falcons: Alex W For much improved presentation of her work.
3rd - 7th June 2019 Wrens: Rudi H For great listening to instructions and sharing of resources when cooking biscuits Robins: Jaden M Makin a huge effort to write independently
Owls: Mikaela M For her superb progress when Reading for Accuracy
Woodpeckers: Jessica T For always having a positive attitude and wonderful smile!
during production practice
Kingfishers: Aishi M For being a good learning partner Kestrels: Myles W For great enthusiasm in learning
Ospreys: Maya L For a mature approach to improving her writing
Eagles: Alex J For his enthusiasm and valuable answers relating to our WW2 topic
Falcons: Harriet S For fantastic confidence and volume 


In ‘Celebration Assembly’ children who have received awards and certificates from school clubs and extra circular activities are shared and celebrated with the school community. Congratulations goes to everyone who is mentioned in Celebration Assembly.