St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

School Council

"Being part of the School Council is a privilege because I get to be involved in all kinds of meetings and make a difference. For example, Cariad and I attended the Chippenham Children's Parliament. As well, as attending we were the Chair for the event and it meant we were able to lead the meeting and recognise when people could contribute.

Emily and I were also involved in an Anti - Bullying Meeting in school and during this we talked about how we could change the Anti Bullying Policy and modernise it involving social media sites."

              Alfie (former Year 6)


St Mary's Catholic Primary School recognises the importance of having a pupil voice and ensuring it is is heard. For this reason, children involved in the School Council are part of the  the decision-making process.

Councillors are elected by their peers and each class is represented by two councillors. They meet on a regular basis and then report back to their classes through Class Council meetings, giving all children some involvement in the decision making process.


The School Council met for the first time in September for a getting to know each other session.

They asked each other such questions as, “Who is you favourite superhero?” and, “What would your superpower be if you were a superhero?”

Mr Bacon then asked the ccouncil what they thought the School Council should or could do.

There will be regular meetings held to discuss what the council would like to focus on and improve.


Our current school council members are:

Year 6 - 

Year 5 - 

Year 4 - 

Year 3 - 

Year 2 -