School Council

"Being part of the School Council is a privilege because I get to be involved in all kinds of meetings and make a difference. For example, Cariad and I attended the Chippenham Children's Parliament. As well, as attending we were the Chair for the event and it meant we were able to lead the meeting and recognise when people could contribute.

Emily and I were also involved in an Anti - Bullying Meeting in school and during this we talked about how we could change the Anti Bullying Policy and modernise it involving social media sites."

                                                                                                                            Alfie (former Year 6)


St Mary's Catholic Primary School recognises the importance of having a pupil voice and ensuring it is is heard. It is for this reason that the children involved in the School Council are involved in the decision making process.

Councillors are elected by their peers and each class is represented by two councillors. They meet on a regular basis and then report back to their classes through Class Council meetings, giving all children some involvement in the decision making process.


The School Council met for the first time in November for a getting to know each other session.

They asked each other such questions as, “Who is you favourite superhero?” and, “What would your superpower be if you were a superhero?”

Mrs Hughes then asked the council what they thought the school council should or could do.

There will be a meeting in the New Year to discuss what the council would like to focus on next year.


On Wednesday 11th November 2015, Mrs Hughes took two school councillors (Will D. and Fin P.) to a meeting of Chippenham Children and Young People’s Parliament.

There were three speakers.

Firstly the Mayor, Councillor David Powell, spoke about his role as Chippenham town councillor. He has to attend many functions, helping to encourage visitors and businesses to come to Chippenham. He also told the children what amenities the council look after, such as John Coles Park.

Next Judy Edwards from the Voice and influence team at Wiltshire Council. She used volunteers, including Finlay P., to show how big Wiltshire was, to help the children with a bit of geographical knowledge of our county. Approximately 47,5000 people live in Wiltshire, the same as live in the whole of Iceland!

Finally, Michelle Donelan, our local MP, spoke about how she became an MP and the process she had to go through. The children were very interested in why the MP’s shout at each other in the House of Commons! They had about 20 minutes to ask lots of interesting questions!

William D. and Finlay P., had the job of closing the meeting and offering a vote of thanks to the speakers.

William D. said,”It was very exciting and a pleasure. I really enjoyed listening to Michelle Donelan and the Mayor”.

“I really enjoyed the afternoon and I would love to go again,” exclaimed Finlay P.


In 2015-16 our School Councillors were:

1G. Stanley B., and Rachel D.

1B. Jacob Y., and Niamh H.

2K. Danielle A., and Jasmine U.

2J. Oliver C., and Oliver P.

2EC. Carolina R., and Maya L.

3M. Daniel B., and Ewan D.

3S. Patrick C., and Cordelia T.

4C. Finlay P., and William D.

4H. Maddie H., and Elizabeth S.

4B. Robert T., and Ben C.