How We Work



Committee Meetings


We aim to hold PTA meetings in the library on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm, to discuss our plans and come up with new ideas for the future.


We also meet on an ad hoc basis, normally before an upcoming event, to discuss things we need to organise. 


Our AGM is to be held once a year, in the Spring Term and provides an opportunity for all members to come along and hear more about the work of the PTA; how we raise money, the events we have run, the funds we have raised and how the money has been spent.  It is also when we elect our committee members.


Support from PTA-UK

Our PTA is a member of PTA-UK, which is a national charity and membership organisation providing support and guidance for all school associations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We pay an annual membership fee which gives us lots of member benefits including comprehensive insurance cover for all PTA run events.


Getting information to you

You should hear about all upcoming events through the school’s HomeContact system but we will also publicise events on posters around the school, children’s book bags, the school website and our Facebook page.


We rely on volunteers throughout the year and we’d love to hear from you even if you have just a little bit of time to spare.