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Being a mathematician at St Mary's 

Power up Maths Morning

Thank you to all those parents who attended our Maths 'live lessons' and 'power up' sessions. It was great to see so many adults interested to find out more about their children's Maths teaching and learning at St Mary's. 

These are the documents that were shared and discussed during the morning for those unable to attend this time or wanting a closer look. 

Don't forget the calculation policies are also available on this page to find out more about the concrete, pictorial and abstract process to each stage of your children's Maths teaching and learning.

Parent Maths Information Presentation February 2020

Parent Power Maths Introduction Sheet 2019-2020


Basic skills guidance grids.     


Key Stage 1 (years 1 and 2) basic skills guidance grid (+ & -)


Key Stage 2 (years 3,4,5 and 6) basic skills guidance grid (x &÷)

At St. Mary’s, we aim to give children a range of mathematical experiences and opportunities with practical, written and problem solving tasks across the curriculum. We follow the 2014 National Curriculum. The School uses a variety of teaching and learning styles in maths lessons. 

Our principal aim is to develop children’s confidence, knowledge, skills  understanding in mathematics. This is because most of us, children and adults, will use some type of Maths every single day: using  in a shop, measuring materials when doing DIY; working out how far you may need to travel using a map; working out the time of a train using a timetable and the 24-hour clock; or even measuring ingredients, so you can make your teacher their  cake! 

The need for maths is everywhere!

Click here for the National Curriculum- Mathematics document.

Parents and carers are encouraged to support their children’s learning at home. Our School’s Maths policy is  and then more specific and detailed information linked to calculation methods in the Power Maths calculation policies for KS1 (years 1 & 2), LKS2 (years 3 & 4) and UKS2 (years 5 & 6).

St Mary's school Maths policy document

KS1 Power Maths calculation policy

LKS2 Power Maths calculation policy

UKS2 Power Maths calculation policy

Every class has daily focused Maths learning time every morning, with a Power Maths lesson and then basic Maths skills revision and also a weekly 'Goal free problem' (opportunity for open-ended problem solving) and 'Morning Maths' tasks start the day in classrooms two days a week. Maths is also planned for across other curriculum subjects as appropriate.

Power Maths is our exciting scheme which is used in Reception, KS1 and KS2.

It is a whole class approach which aims to make learning fun and create connections between concepts, allowing children to explore their learning and master new ideas with a deep understanding. Power Maths is a whole-class mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help you nurture confidence in maths.

To find out more please take a look at the ‘Power Maths Introduction’ – click here

4x2, 7x5, 9x3, 10x8...... times table recall is getting quicker. 30 divided by 5, 24 divided by 2, 70 divided by 10, 64 divided by 8 the inverse division facts are being remembered too!

The children are using their ' Rockstar' logins at school to support and encourage their multiplication learning and quick recall of number facts. This resource can also be accessed at home in your  browser via And can be downloaded from App stores to be played on phones or tablets.



Click the underlined links below to see some more games and songs that you may find useful to assist your child's learning in this subject.

Bare Necessities Key Stage 1 & Bare Necessities Key Stage 2 - these are examples of some fun games to play with your child to develop their understanding of Maths

Foundation Stage Songs - these are some examples of fun rhymes and songs for younger children 


Click on the images below to access some useful Maths Websites for KS1 and KS2


    BBC Bitesize