St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Relationships and Sex Education at St Mary's


The school is in the process of adopting the Catholic resource Ten Ten 'Living life to the Full' for our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)


Each year group is taught at an appropriate level for understanding, and the whole theme is based on God’s love for us and the belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God.

There are five areas included in our approach to teaching children about relationships and sex education. These aspects have specific relevance to children's development and growth through the following areas:

  • physical
  • social
  • emotional
  • intellectual
  • spiritual

Many of the aspects are already within our RE curriculum, and all our themes include activities, reflections and prayers aimed at developing the children's understanding of relationships through these five areas.


The following outlines what each of our year groups will be covering through their RSE Curriculum. Parents are advised to visit class pages to view on line lessons for their child.