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School Closure - Home Learning and Classes

 School closure update: Government plans to open schools for certain year groups on 1st  June have been announced. See our news pages for further details. A good news update for the school - Our Section 48 report has been published. We are very proud of our outcome and I want to thank staff, children, parents and IEB for enabling this outcome. Thank You!

Current News - Week beginning 24th May 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,


I am sorry that the details of the school opening have taken so long to get to you. Although my deadline was to complete these by the middle of last week, the IEB and I needed to be satisfied that our COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Management Plan had the detail to support the safe re-opening of the school. 

We are now satisfied that our these have identified the key issues and that the management plan will address, and in some cases better, the Government guidance.

Please take a moment to read the following two documents  

Parents and carers are encouraged to read and be familiar with these two documents as they contain information that explains how we plan to keep your child, but also our precious school community safe. 

I have also added a new web page linked to this section of the website contains the school's risk assessment and detailed management plan. 


 Although I am satisfied that the actions can offer some protection to our school community, its success is dependent on the actions of all. It is also not possible to guarantee that a member of our school family will not become infected.

The slogan we have chosen to support our re-opening is “If in doubt. Sit it out.

What this means is that if you have any doubts about you or your family’s health, please stay at home until you are sure everything is OK.

 All our plans are current at the time of writing. A week is a long time in “COVID Time” and much can happen between now and the end of next week.

Our plans are subject to changes in government guidance and more importantly,  the school having the staff  and resources to enact them.


As with the Easter Holiday, over the half term break, the school will be open for the children of Key Workers.

As always there may be updates to this plan so please keep an eye out for texts from the school. I also hope to have a celebration worship for you to enjoy this week.


Lastly, as with every communication I make with the St Mary’s School family, I wish you a happy and healthy  half term break.


Kind regards,

Paul Bacon



 Links to government documents:

    The week ahead

    We are now in Week 5 (Term 5). As with last week, the school has continued to be open for a few children and continues to support any parents who are Key Workers.

    As always, I want to reiterate to all Key Worker parents that the school continues to be here for you should you be unable to care for your children during any given shift pattern. Our commitment to you remains resolute


    If your work is critical to the “COVID-19 response” and you cannot keep your child safely at home, please contact the school by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. If you are unable to talk to anyone and need an urgent place, please call this number 07955 550152.



    Home / School Partnership Policy

    Over the last two weeks the teachers and I have been working on a Home / School Partnership policy. This aims to clarify our work in relation to supporting home learning. We have also highlighted what, in our ideal world, children should be aiming to achieve each week. We recognise this will not always be possible and that learning at home is not the same as  in school. We are very aware that your routines need to be flexible and that you also face your own “Home Working” challenges. We do however hope that this policy will both clarify and support our work together. We will be keeping this policy under constant review in response to changing government directives and our access to new resources.

    Following trials over the last two weeks with the Oak Academy, we have decided to keep going with this learning, at least until the next official half term break. We hope that this will provide stability and consistency.

    As outlined last week, please be aware that the only learning we want St Mary's children to do from the Oak Academy site are the English and Maths activities. The reason for this is that the wider curriculum learning presented by the Oak Academy does not match our creative curriculum cycle. If your children do the online learning in other subjects, it could affect their learning when our school re-opens shortly.

    For clarity therefore, all learning should be accessed from your child's class learning page which should specify:

    • What the Oak Academy for English and Maths activities are for your child. Please be aware that all classes are not be following the current Oak Academy cycle as we joined this learning resource a week or two after it started.
    • The St Mary's Catholic School - Pick n' Mix activities.
    • One RE lesson / Class worship
    • Advice on daily Reading, phonics / spelling, number practice and physical activity
    • Links to other useful educational sites

    Lastly, I am also pleased to say that we hope to be adding to the above, with Spanish learning This will match the level of Spanish your child has been working at in our school over the last year. Our plan is that this will start after next week.

    School and Class Worship

    This week’s worship aims to reflect on our actions at the time of Pentecost and the call to lead our lives by following the teaching of Jesus. The story I have selected challenges us to think about our willingness to follow advice and the learning of others. It also develops the idea that when we can do this, the learning of other applied to our own lives can bring hope in times of uncertainty.  

    Lastly, please also don't forget, we also post a special celebration worship each Friday afternoon with special messages to some children by the teachers. We had some technical difficulties uploading this on Friday but this should have been rectified early this week.

    School worship is uploaded onto the School Worship page as either MP4, PowerPoint Shows or PDFs and can be accessed from the School Worship Tab. Class Worship will be on teacher’s class pages.

    In all cases, worship is best viewed with an adult as each story has questions for reflection that have much more value if done with an adult.

    Free School Meals and Meal Vouchers 

    For those children entitled to Free School Meals, we hope the Governments vouchers are now working. If you are still experiencing problems please do feel free to contact the school office over the week.


    Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.

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    Show your support for the NHS (and all keyworkers) by displaying a rainbow in your window. You can share your rainbows here by emailing a photograph to your class teacher.