St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Classes and COVID-19 Adjustments

The following page provides a short summary of class organisation for the current academic year.

Sub Pages will provide visitors, parents and children with further information.

How classes are organised:

Learning hubs: The school will continue to operate hubs and each hub will be split into mini-hubs comprising of our different year groups. These are as follows:

  • Hub 1 (four mini-hubs: Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2).
  • Hub 2 (three mini hubs: Year 3, Year 4/5 and Year 5/6).
  • Hub 3 (the school’s Admin block: admin team, catering team and head teacher).

As detailed in Government guidance, there is no longer a need for mini-hub or bubble sizes to be kept at 15 pupils. This means that whole classes are joined provided that protective measures are in place and that the school responds appropriately if a child becomes unwell.

Classroom organisation: In line with government guidance, all children will sit facing the teacher and we will not be using table groups. The number of tables and children in our classes will vary depending on the cohort size 

Children will have their own drawer where they will keep their books and own stationary. Stationery and other frequently used books and resources will be stored in a plastic zipped wallet so that others can’t touch them.

Activities will be planned to avoid the sharing of resources and where this is needed, resources will be cleaned between activities. Where shared resources are used, children will be required to clean their hands thoroughly after the activity.


Children will sit next to the same learning partner throughout the day and we will look at ways to broaden learning groups whilst still maintaining physical distance through wider curriculum activities. 

Teachers will organise their classes and days so that there are clear entry and exit routines. Where multiple groups can avoid using the same access points, we will do this. The order in which children will leave and enter their class across the day will be specified by the teaching adult so that unnecessary mixing does not occur. The movement of children within the classroom will continue to be limited and as is our current practice, children will only visit the toilet one at a time. Mini hubs will not change classrooms as a rule and learning hubs will not usually visit other areas of the school.


Teaching staff will continue to predominantly teach from the front of the class and their working space will be preserved to reduce proximity contact with children. Staff may also wear face coverings and visors as a precautionary measure to prevent transmission. This will be particularly if they need to work in closer contact with children across the class.


In the event of a whole or partial school closure, all home learning will continue to be accessed from the school website. The organisation of this may change as we move towards what we hope will be a mixture of streamed lessons and website-based activities.


What will happen at play and lunch time:

We will continue to stagger play and lunch times so that we can minimize the mixing of children between hubs. The staggering of these times means that the children from each hub will be kept together. The arrangements for play and lunch are as follows:

  • Hub One: Lunch together in the hall and playtimes in the Key Stage 1 playground.
  • Hub Two: Lunch in the hall and play in the Key Stage 2 playground or on the field
  • Hub Three: Lunch in their classroom or outdoor picnic tables and play in the Key Stage 2 playground or on the field

From September we will be resuming hot meals again but these will be limited to a single vegetarian or non-vegetarian choice. We are doing this to speed up meal times and ensure we are able to ensure children have valuable free time. Children having lunch in the hall will sit with their learning partner and following the Government guidelines, will not sit directly opposite another child

Staff breaktime: All school staff are entitled to a lunch break. This situation poses an increased risk of staff to staff infection. For this reason, time in the Staff Room will be limited, routines for cleaning, ventilation and access to this space linked to hub break times will aid transmission mitigation. Staff are instructed to maintain social distancing (2m) and physical face to face communication.

First aid: Any staff member treating a child for first aid is required as a minimum to wash / clean hands, wear gloves and a face covering before administering first aid. Additional PPE may also be worn. Staff will do this as most first aid situations will require closer than 1m contact with a child.


What to bring and what to wear:

School Uniform: From September, children are expected to wear school uniform to school each day. The details of this can be found on the school website and parents are asked to refer to this before making any purchase of new uniform or footwear over the summer break.

PE Kit: Children should wear their PE kit to school on days that they have PE. As with school uniform, what to wear for PE can be found on the updated school uniform section of the website.

Other belongings: Please ensure that:

  • If your child is in Nursery and Reception they have a change of clothes that can be kept in a bag at school.
  • Your child has a drinks bottle and suitable waterproof coat in school at all times in school.
  • Reading books and reading records come into school on a daily basis.

These items should be bought to school in a suitably sized school bag that can either be kept under your child’s desk or on a peg in the cloakroom.

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