St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Our Mission Through School Virtues 


 As a Catholic school our Christian and Catholic values should be a web that runs through everything that we do.

In particular it will be seen through our values, the way we approach worship and as a living faith in the way we study the Gospel and develop spirituality through out curriculum. 

Our values reflect the virtues we want children to reflect in the things the think, say and do. We believe we should model these in all that we do and we encourage children to see the teachings of Jesus in the way they explore and understand these virtues. Our hope is that these values will shape our children's lives not only in the time they are in St Mary's, but also into their adult lives.


Love and Faith

Love means being kind to each other and looking after our school community. Faith means believing in God, yourself and other people


Courage means being brave in difficult situations.


Respect means looking after our school community, property and being a good listener.


Resilience means to never give up and keep on going, even when we find it hard.


Aspiration means always trying our best, challenging ourselves and inspiring others to do the same.