St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Art & Design Technology

“All children are artists” – Pablo Picasso


At St Mary’s, we want the children to enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum. As part of this, we recognise the need for all children to express themselves creatively, in writing, through music, dance and drama, and through the medium of art.


We hope to engage, inspire and challenge our pupils to experiment, inventing and creating their own works of art, craft and design, and using a wide variety of techniques and media. We want to develop independent, creative thinkers, ready to embrace the diverse challenges of the modern world.


We want the children to have confidence in their own abilities as an artist and view their own art work and that of others critically, in order to refine their techniques and appreciation of art and design.


We introduce the children to the work of a wide range of prominent artists throughout history, from early cave painters to contemporary artists. We show how design reflects and helps to shape the culture around it, both in this country and in other parts of the world. We show them how artistic styles have changed over time and we try to interpret some of the styles and techniques used in our own work.


In Design Technology, we explore the relationship between form and function, looking at existing designs and creating our own. We learn about the design process from identifying a need to drafting and refining ideas; then making and evaluating the success of the design. Occasionally we invite visiting artists and even parents in to work with us on our design projects