St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Being a musician at St Mary's


At St. Mary’s we enjoy a strong tradition of Music.



Normally, the classes have regular Music lessons in which children learn the basics of musical terms e.g. pulse, rhythm, timbre and start to learn music notation. The children experience a wide range of musical styles through listening, singing to and accompanying with tuned and un-tuned percussion in our music room. There are also opportunities for composing and collaboration for children to create their own music. We are fortunate to have a number of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, and we use the ‘Charanga’ music programme 


There are opportunities for the children to learn stringed, and percussion instruments with three peripatetic teachers. At the moment, our peripetetic teachers are not teaching on site, but operating from home on zoom with many of the children. Mrs Beresford is typically available to teach piano lessons outside of school hours. Our teachers are happy to be contacted directly, so please see the information below.



These are the details of our peripatetic teachers.




Email contact

Guitar and ukulele

Tom Allen - Friday afternoon. 

Stringed instruments: violin and piano.

Clare Beresford-   Monday, Wednesday and Thurday afternoons


Tim Harding - Thursday afternoon. 


The school's interim Lead Musician or Music Subject Leader  is Eloisa Nash