St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Through our work as a Catholic School, our teachers aim to give hope and inspiration to all children. We see meeting the needs of all pupils, including those with SEND, as holistic. We are not only concerned about enabling children to meet their potential academically but also in their mind, body & spirit.


Quality First Teaching is the first and most valuable approach for all children, including those with SEND. Misconceptions are quickly identified and feedback is clear and direct.  A rigorous approach is taken to early reading as we believe that this unlocks all future learning.

 We recognise the benefits of ‘Early Identification’ and clear channels are followed in order to respond to children’s needs at the earliest opportunity.


Children’s needs are met through a graduated and targeted approach.

The school environment is language rich and promotes diversity and inclusivity. We are committed to improving outcomes for children with Social, Emotional or Mental Health Needs.


Children are encouraged to learn new skills in order to maximise life chances. The Characteristics of Learning are woven through our ambitious curriculum. Children are enabled to be explorative, collaborative, inquisitive and access ‘real life’ experiences.


SENCo: Mrs Alex Stranks - 



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SEND Information Report 2023-2024

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