St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Being a geographer at St Mary's

We believe that for the children to understand their place in the world they need to be given the knowledge and skills to become geographers.


We achieve this through a cross curricular enquiry-based approach. Through this, children are enabled to meet the requirements of the national curriculum and explore the Earth from a geographical perspective. This gives them a holistic view of our planet with all its climatic diversity, biomes, physical features and processes, people, settlements and technology.


Through being geographers children learn how the environment and man are interdependent. They learn to interpret maps and are able to locate significant locations in the UK and around the world, making comparisons between their topographical, geographical and human characteristics.


Through being geographers, children also apply skills learned from other subjects.

  • As mathematicians and scientists they gather and interpret fieldwork data.
  • As historian children adapt chronological skills to explain environmental changes
  • As linguists, theologians and authors they express their geographical understanding using language skills and develop an understanding that the beauty of the world has always provided a stimulus for creativity and developing spirituality.

The school's Lead Geographer or Geography Subject Leader is Angela Gabriel