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This part of the website provides an overview of our school curriculum and our plans for the future.

We want our curriculum to connect with Chippenham and beyond so that the children in St Mary's Catholic Primary School appreciate their place in their immediate and wider community.

Through our curriculum we want to equip each child with the knowledge and skills to understand and interact with their world, we want to help them build on prior learning, be curious, ask probing questions and be brave in finding solutions.


Through our curriculum our goal is that children will:

  • Develop deep knowledge and skills and use this to engage with the familiar and be engaged by the unusual
  • Be immersed in language and to communicate with others. In particular we want children to develop secure reading skills. We see reading as a basic right and a significant gateway to independence and the acquisition of knowledge and understanding;
  • Know how to use the knowledge they have and practise using this so that it becomes embedded
  • Be challenged and resilient;
  • Be proud of their local environment but also see their place on a global scale;
  • Work individually and add their voice to the many;
  • Live out their faith as part of one body in Christ by:
  • Accepting and giving help, giving charitably and embracing altruism;
  • Loving and celebrating difference, having the courage to be different and standing up for the rights of others just because it is the right thing to do.

We want our children to be relentlessly creative, critically curious and to live ambitiously.

To this end we believe children’s learning and their curriculum should be Intrinsic, Inspirational and Interlinked. We view this as a TrinIty Approach to learning.


To find out more about this approach, please follow: TrinIty Approach


To find out more about the purpose and partnerships in our curriculum, please follow: Curriculum and Partnerships


For more information on the National Curriculum click here.

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