St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Our Parish

Our School community is not separate from the Parish, but a central part of it.

The Parish Priest in Chippenham, Canon Desmond Millett, is dedicated to the School and fully supportive of everything it does. He visits our School as often as he can to celebrate mass with individual classes, lead whole School mass at least six times a year, hear confession and discuss his vocation with the children. Until 2007 he was also Chair of Governors, before ill health prevented him from continuing in that role.

Many of the catechists for First Communion and Confirmation are staff at our School; consequently, there is a real sense of us all being part of one Christian community.



First Communion Sacramental Programme

KS2 children (aged 7+) write a short letter of application to Canon Millett (Countersigned by their parents) and hand it into Canon Millett after Mass. 

Confirmation Sacramental Programme

A meeting for the Confirmation Catechists with Canon Millett is arranged in the summer.

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