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Mathematics and Power Maths

Being a mathematician


We believe that mathematics is a life skill – we use it all the time when we are baking, shopping, driving and solving every day problems. We use mathematics when we are drawing, building, waiting for the bus and when we go on holiday. 


To support our teaching in mathematics we use Power Maths. This is a progressive whole school and whole class approach to teaching mathematics. We have chosen this approach as the Growth Mindset approach it is built around and  closely matches the school's values of Aspiration, Courage, Respect and Resilience. The approach also very much mirrors the elements of Interlinking and Inspiration we aim to have through our broad approach to learning.


Through approaching mathematics in this way, we hope children's learning experiences will:


  • Be fun and built around a problem solving approaches that spark curiosity and excitement for mathematics.
  • Progressively equip children with deeper understanding of mathematical  knowledge and concepts.
  • Be built around lesson sequences and activities that aim to meet the specific needs and contexts of children in the UK. 
  • Help children value and enjoy mathematics and number for a wide range of purposes and applications.
  • Enabling children to recall and compute with accuracy across a range of contexts and subjects. through doing this, help children understand how basic number skills are essential to solving a wide range of mathematical problems
  • Enabling children to be active and independent mathematicians who are prepared to take risks and regard mistakes as a learning opportunity.
  • Increasing children’s ability to use logical thinking and their knowledge to solve mathematical problems and where things don't work to reflect, revisit, modify or correct.
  • Provide opportunities for children to initiate their own mathematical exploration and explore problems in different ways
  • Have systematic and consistent lesson structures that are built around introductions and revision of concepts, opportunities to see approaches modelled and then opportunities to collaborate with others before practicing and embedding independently. 
  • Systematically approaching learning by revisiting key learning and building upon all areas.


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The school's new Lead Mathematician or Maths Subject Leader  is Kate Dunmow