St Mary's

Catholic Primary School

Our Staff


Senior Management


 Mrs L Smith

Assistant Headteacher 


 Mrs A Stranks

 2023/2024 Teaching Staff 


Canon Millett EYFS Unit

Year Group: Nursery & Reception



  Mrs L Pickford and Mrs C Hernandez-Larder     

Year 1/2



          Mrs A Stranks and Mrs S Porter        




Year 3



Mrs E Nash and   

Mrs K Essex

Year 4



Mrs A Gabriel

Year 5


Mrs L Fletcher

Year 6




2023/2024 Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Bird

Mrs A Purslow


Mrs I Lawther


Mrs K Efstratiou

Mrs T Streatfield 


 Mrs E McQuinn


Mrs J Smith




Mrs S Findlay



Office Staff


Site Manager






Office Manager
Mrs N Lever




Admin Assistant 

Mrs S Wastell-Clark



Wraparound Care Staff


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs STilley



Mrs A Purslow


Mrs S Tilley

Miss M Daniels

Miss N Reynolds

Mrs A Reynolds


Our Governing Body


Chair of the Local Governing Committee (LGC)

Mrs Jan Downie

Mrs Jan Downie

Mr David Wheat

Mr Liam Stokes

Mrs Lucy Smith (HT)

Mrs Alex Stranks (AHT)