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This part of the school website aims to provide parents with the day to day information they need to know what is going on in school and also to support their children and the work of the school.

 Week Three - Term 2

(week beginning 16.11.20)



Dear Parents and Carers,

It was nice to see so many parents at our parent forum this week. Our newsletter is slightly shorter this week but does contain information that will be of value to you all.



This week we recognised Anti Bullying week and encouraged children to join the national initiative by wearing odd socks. Monday’s worship looked at the importance of friendship and reconciliation as a first step in preventing bullying from starting in the first place. Class worship explored what we mean by bullying and in Gospel worship Mrs McDonagh explored Matthew 25: 31-46 and the importance of the message, “Anything you do for others, you do for me.”


Mrs Gouzien:

I would like to inform parents and children that sadly Mrs Gouzien is currently unwell and shielding while she awaits treatment. As a result, it is unlikely she will return to school before the end of the year. She asked me to send her love to children and families and has said she is so disappointed not to be in school at the moment. We of course are all thinking about her and wishing her a speedy recovery.


Playground equipment:

Thanks to the hard work of the PTA, we are pleased to announce that new playground equipment will be installed shortly in the KS1 playground. This is very exciting news and on behalf of the children, I wanted to thank our brilliant PTA and Borough Lands Chippenham for supporting this equipment. Installation will begin before the Christmas and everything should be in place for the start of Term 3.


School Dinners:

From next week we will be stopping the sandwich option as a school lunch time choice and re-introducing baked potatoes and filling, or a warm pasta pot as an alternative choice to the school main meal. We hope that this will better reflect the season we are in and give children something warm to eat as their mid-day meal. An updated menu is attached.


Parent Teacher meetings:

As outlined last week the dates for these have been adjusted to last night and Tuesday 24th November. The reason we did this is so that parents of children in Years 4, 5 and 6 would know who their class teacher will be from January 2021. If you had your meeting last night, I hope you found the meeting useful and that the appointment went smoothly. If you have any feedback with how your meeting went or was organised could you please let us know. This is the first time we have done meetings like this so if things have or haven’t worked it is important we know so that we can make appropriate adjustments.


Arrangements for classes (January 2021)

A letter detailing classes and teachers for January 2021 was distributed to you all this week. As outlined, these changes mostly affected children in Year 4, 5 and 6 but the changes in class teachers may affect other classes too. If you attended our Parent Forum on Wednesday, I hope that this and/or the letter has provided the information you needed.

As a reminder, the new arrangements for classes will start from Monday 30th November and will be as follows:

  • Year 1:   Mrs Smith supported by Mrs Keane for some of her Deputy Head Teacher responsibilities.
  • Year 3/4: Mrs Johnson
  • Year 4/5: Mrs Essex and Mrs Gabriel
  • Year 5/6: Mrs McDonagh

A reminder that the school will be closed to all children on Friday 27th November to allow us to ensure classes have the right sized furniture, resources and other equipment ready for Monday 30th. Staff in our Nursery and Reception Classes will use this time to complete paediatric first aid training.


Relationships and Health Education

I am sorry that I needed to postpone this meeting. This area of our curriculum and also school organisation is very important and I wanted to make sure that it had all the time that it needed. I will be revisiting this area on Wednesday 2nd December. I have posted a draft of the school’s new policy on the website and I encourage you all to look at this. As this policy is very much linked to the schools and Catholic Churches values, I hope that as many parents as possible will be able to attend this. This meeting will also be the first step in our consultation with you linked to how you as parents would like us to develop the Sex Education element of the Relationships and Health Education Policy.


Take Care,

Listening to news coming in from other Chippenham schools, I am very aware that there are increasing reports of COVID-19 cases and bubbles or settings having to close. Having to do this is something we all want to avoid. As transmission rates in our locality seem to be increasing, I would ask everyone to be extra vigilant and if there are any doubts about the health and wellbeing of your family, stay at home and get a test.

Doing this at the earliest point will help us control any outbreaks in school and most importantly allow us to keep hubs and the school open for as many children and staff as possible.

I also ask that all parents and carers remain vigilant at pick up and drop off and ensure that physical and social distancing in maintained.





Upcoming events:


Tuesday 24th November Parents Evening
Wednesday 25th November Session 5 Parent Forum and Information Session @ 6.00pm
Friday 27th November TD Day - School Closed to pupils
Monday 30th November

New Class Structure begins

Flu Clinic

Wednesday 2nd December Session 6 & 7 Parent Forum and Information Session @ 6.00pm
Wednesday 16th December Whole School Christmas Lunch
Friday 18th December End of Term 2


Thank you again for your patience and understanding in these times of uncertainty and change. As staff, we value your support and positivity and it is a continued privilege to be able to work with your children. Wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend.



Yours sincerely,


Paul Bacon

    Phonics and Early Reading Parent Presentation 4.11.20

    Home Learning Survey (Term 1)

    1. Ability to support home learning

    2. Home IT access

    3. Access to outdoor spaces

    4. Access to children's books